Systems Integrators & Business Consulting

Integrators & Consulting partners benefit from:

  • Access to Exasol’s marketing engine
  • Structured consulting, training and certification programs
  • Support in generating leads and access to Exasol sales teams that support you in your market or niche
  • Access to all information about product developments
  • Support during PoCs and in the pre-sales and post-sales process
  • Attractive pricing model

Become a partner

Systems Integrators & Business Consulting

cimt AG

cimt is an independent IT consulting company with almost 200 employees located in Germany and the Netherlands. Our experienced consultants, solution architects and software engineers design and deliver scalable system architectures as well as innovative standard and open-source solutions. In 2017 cimt was promoted as Exasol “Best Consulting Partner DACH”. Acting as independent partner, we combine standard and open-source solutions to future-proof systems. We use modern architectural and processual methodologies like „Data Vault“ in combination with current technologies and platforms like SAP HANA. Based on this we ensure that our client’s needs are matched with tailored and sustainable systems and solutions.

Technology Alliances


DBeaver is an open-source multi-platform UI tool for working with Exasol. It provides convenient interface and wide range of various features that makes routine work with database easier and more efficient. DBeaver has supported Exasol since 2016 and received positive feedback from the Enterprise companies around the world.


A cooperation of self-employed IT-professionals, Its-people offers expert IT knowledge to its customers and partners.

With its many IT-specialists and their in-depth domain knowledge, its-people is the ideal partner for complex IT solutions. Our professionals specialize in databases, cloud solutions, app development, big data, data warehouse and business intelligence, customer data integration, project management services and ERP consulting.

Javelin Group

A part of Accenture Strategy, Javelin Group provides strategy consulting and digital transformation services to the world’s leading retailers and consumer brands. Javelin Group helps clients improve their competitiveness by anticipating and responding to the rapid changes in customer shopping habits and retail technologies.