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b.telligent and Exasol – working together to go above and beyond for the customer

b.telligent and Exasol

Working together to go above and beyond for the customer

In the age of artificial intelligence, GDPR and the so-called ‘fourth’ technological revolution, companies today have to face the challenges of implementing a data strategy that covers collecting and managing large sets of client data correctly. For these purposes, we and b.telligent have been working together for years to give our customers the insights and clarity they need to become truly data-driven.

A partnership that changes the way companies work with data

Our partnership with b.telligent began in 2015 and ever since, it has proven its value in various projects, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Not only the excellent price-performance-ratio of Exasol convinced clients of b.telligent but also the incomparable speed to retrieve vast amount of data while maintaining a minimum of administrative efforts.

About b.telligent

As business consulting company, b.telligent is specialized on the implementation and development of solutions in CRM, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Big Data. The key activity is the optimization of business processes and corporate relationships through data-driven insights to raise margins and lower both costs and risks.

Together with b.telligent we focus on continually optimizing your business processes as well as client and supplier relationships – by consolidating and analyzing your business data. This allows us to help you increase margins, lower costs and to better control risk within your organization.


We don’t just implement and run – we stick with you as your data strategy evolves

Holistic approach

A holistic approach to overcome challenges is important to both us and b.telligent. We don’t look at things in isolation – we consider your entire data estate and how best to help you get maximum value from it across your business.

Zero Maintenance

Once the database is in place, it will just work. There’s no maintenance or elaborate administration, such as supporting indexes. So you can concentrate on making your organization even more data-driven – and our focus shifts solely to offering you continued support and expertise, no matter what you use.

Direct and fast Communication

Your questions and queries are answered and resolved as fast as possible by a dedicated team of people who truly understand and listen to your needs.

Speed and cost efficiency

Our analytics database queries are completed incredibly fast – freeing up your time to focus on business-critical projects. And regardless of how many data queries you have, there’s no lag or slowing down.

With Exasol’s low-maintenance technology, our clients realize high-performing analytics while complying with GDPR. The dedicated and trusted german-speaking support in particular is another important reason why our clients choose Exasol.


Klaus Blaschek, founder and managing director, b.telligent

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