Our Authorised partners

Our Authorised Partners are an invaluable resource to help you become educated and trained on all aspects of our data analytics platform.

Working jointly together with you, they’ll design and tailor the training experience to your needs – utilizing their unrivalled training delivery expertise.

Authorised Partner benefit from:

  • Access to Exasol’s marketing engine and to our partner portal
  • Structured consulting, training and certification programs
  • Support in generating leads and access to Exasol sales teams that support you in your market or niche
  • Access to all information about product developments
  • Support during PoCs and in the pre-sales and post-sales process
  • Attractive pricing model (Resell, Joint-Selling & Referral)

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Our Authorised Partners

Authorised Partner


Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Abilis Solutions Inc. offers innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to the corrections, information technology (namely business intelligence, cloud computing and mobile applications), energy distribution, and SAP process integration industries.

Abilis uses Exasol to speed up their solutions as a performance add-on to their existing environments. Abilis has US divisions in Portland, Maine, and Nashville, Tennessee, and offices in Europe.

Authorised Partner

ISE Information Systems Engineering GmbH

ISE Information Systems Engineering GmbH with headquarters in Gräfenberg and subsidiaries in Erlangen and Munich was founded in 1991 by the two managing directors Erwin and Herbert Rossgoderer. Since its foundation, the company has focused on consulting and implementing Oracle-based solutions for large and medium-sized companies. ISE is a Platinum Partner of Oracle and employs about 50 people, most of whom are involved in the design, implementation, testing and deployment of Oracle solutions.

Authorised Partner

Megatrend Business Solutions

Megatrend Business Solutions d.o.o. is a IKT consulting company founded in 2004 in the city of Zagreb, as a part of Megatrend affiliation. Megatrend provides high-quality integrated services in the field of information technology and business solutions to all kinds of companies. Through creativity, knowledge and experience Megatrend creates quality solutions that secure a competitive advantage and stable long-term business. With a long-standing presence in the IT market, Megatrend have gained extensive experience in the design and implementation of various business and IT solutions.

Partner: Actinium

Authorised Partner


Ambitious enterprises with ambitious goals need strong partners who are willing to take up exceptional challenges and come up with sophisticated solutions. A profile that fits Actinium Consulting like a glove. Because we …

… set the maximum and long-term economic return as a benchmark for consulting and solutions

… prioritise cost minimisation without compromising success

…have a wealth of best practice experience which effectively targets the road to success whilst reducing project expenditure

… have set ourselves high quality standards and continually adjust them to meet changing market requirements

… we are dedicated partners and assume an active role in all projects, not merely on paper

… are driven by your needs and not by manufacturer’s preferences

… communicate and think in your language to ensure smooth processes throughout every step of the project

… streamline your professional strengths by transferring our know-how.

Authorised Partner

Data Reply

Data Reply is a company of the Reply Group specialised in Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Our expertise covers four main business areas: Data Science Consulting, Big Data Engineering, Data Strategy and consulting services on AbInitio. Current projects use Data Lakes, both on premise and in the cloud, as well as ML and AI algorithms supported by Quantum Computing. We also offer Data Science and Deep Learning Education programs.

Authorised Partner


eoda is an IT company specialized in data science. Its portfolio comprises consulting, analytic services, software and training. The services cover the entire workflow from data acquisition, analysis and interpretation of results to the integration of analysis workflows into existing processes and applications. The interdisciplinary team of eoda combines a profound knowledge of business processes with a competent usage of suitable statistical analysis methods.

Authorised Partner


ADASTRA is an international IT consulting company that offers leading companies a full range of consulting services for state-of-the-art data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.

ADASTRA’s core competencies include Big Data Engineering, Cloud Services, Modern Data Warehousing, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and DevOps.

Pioneering solutions and flexible resource availability make ADASTRA a first-class partner for your projects.

Authorised Partner


ATK Consulting Group is TOP-10 largest BI-companies in Russia with 20 years experience in IT development. We have implemented more than 500 IT solutions based on EXASOL, Qlik, Microsoft, Tableau and Epicor technologies, and for 10 years are focusing on advanced data sources integration and analytics development. Our BI solutions team has experience integrating and visualizing 150+ various data sources for retail, insurance, banking, distribution, pharmaceutics, FMCG, manufacturing companies in Russia and CIS

Authorised Partner

Big Data Solutions

Big Data Solutions are the leading data and analytics partner for Finnish enterprises and organizations that want to align business with data-driven opportunities and need an end-to-end process from planning to actionable insights.

Big Data Solutions offers Exasol know-how, licenses and is also a dedicated SMB Cloud solution-based on Exasol for the local market.


Authorised Partner


BIVAL designs innovative digital intelligence solutions: the certified experts for visual data analysis and data mining develop an efficient self-service reporting tool for companies. Here, processes for agile development are combined with leading software solution, where heterogeneous data is merged, evaluated and visualized as interactive reports.

Authorised Partner


Biztory helps clients get easier and faster answers from data. Their goal is to sell licenses and provide services in a simple and self-service oriented approach to provide better insight of their client’s company goals. Biztory is a Tableau reseller, the market leader in Analytics.

Exasol offers the perfect match to this analytics offering.

Authorised Partner


Blueforte is a German consulting company that offers technical and strategic advisory in Business Intelligence and Analytics. They cater to growing medium cale companies and market leaders.

Exasol is the preferred Database solution for their offerings.

Authorised Partner

Business & Decision

Business & Decision is one of the world’s leading management consultancies and systems integrators for Business Analytics, Digital Transformation, and Software Engineering. They implement customized, sustainable solutions for their customers. Several years of national and international projects has equipped the company with the strategic, functional and techincal expertise required for demanding enterprises.

In its partnership with Exasol, Business & Decision shows its customers how they can profit from the Exasol database solutions performance advantage.

Authorised Partner


CRMT specializes in providing Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions to customers in Slovenia and other countries in the region.

CRMT is a OEM and consulting partner of Exasol.

Authorised Partner


Data2diamond provides cutting edge Data Visualization solutions to help the decision makers to understand and analyze their data and thrive their business to next level.
Built on vast experience in industry of Business Analytics, Data2diamond has provided analytical solutions through out multiple industries i.e. Aviation, Banking and Retail.
Data2Diamond is a data-driven organization has unique expertise in implementing Tableau solutions to drive the full potential of Business Analytics

DataViz Logo

Authorised Partner


Dataviz is a progressive company that helps customers to better manage and understand their data in today’s data jungle.
Thru strategic partnerships with several Data Management and BI & Analytics vendors (e.g. Exasol, Yellowfin) we aim to provide the best solutions to get the most of your data. We deliver smart solutions for companies of all sizes, coming from any industry. From start-ups to enterprises, we’ve got you covered.
Our common business territory is the eastern part of Central Europe, especially, but not limited to the countries of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Exasol represents a perfect match within our portfolio for customers who want to take their data to the next level.

Authorised Partner


Devoteam delivers innovative technology consulting for businesses. As a pure player of Digital Transformation for leading organisations across EMEA, its 7,200+ professionals are dedicated to ensure winning their clients’ digital battles. Present in 18 countries in Europe and the Middle East, Devoteam draws on more than 20 years of experience to shape Technology for People, in order to deliver value for their clients, partners and employees.

Exasol is the top performance option for their customer projects.

Authorised Partner

Digit mbH

Digit mbH has been implementing Database supported Information Systems for more than 25 years. Using standard software, self-developed solutions, and extensions, users are provided with maximum functionality.

Digit chose Exasol to provide  its customers with superior performance at all times.

Partner: DIKW Intelligence

Authorised Partner

DIKW Intelligence

DIKW Intelligence is a full service intelligence provider. DIKW Intelligence helps customers with gaining value from their data to be more effective and more efficient and to ultimately
become a data driven organisation. The company consists of three lines of business:

DIKW Consulting consists of intelligence professionals in the area of Data Engineering, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Analytical Championship. These people will mainly
work on project basis at client side locations;

DIKW Academy is a knowledge institute in intelligence and has a 12 day master class in Data Science and Data Engineering that lead to Certified Data Science Professional – and Certified Data Engineering Professional certificates. These master classes are also given in cooperation with the Open University in the Netherlands.

DIKW Services / Bluemine modifies, maintains and exploits intelligence systems often built by DIKW Consulting. These people mainly work at DIKW office and remote login at client IT infrastructures.

Authorised Partner

Ecoh Media

Ecoh Media makes business processes safer, faster and more reliable. Communication within and outbound of the company is enhanced, enabling businesses and clients to have a real advantage over others.
Exasol helps customers to achieve premium grade solutions.

FRT Logo

Authorised Partner


Founded in 2008 as a spin-off of Graz University of Technology, FRT Consulting is a specialist for data analytics and the development of web-based applications based on state-of-the-art Rapid Application Development tools. The company is a full service provider for data analytics, ranging from conception through to implementation to operational support.

Incuda Logo

Authorised Partner


incuda empowers Retailers with our BI Platform and Industry Expertise to compete and go from data insights to full governance of strategy, tactics and operations of Business intelligence. We are committed to be the fastest enabler of change from traditional to data-driven business.

Authorised Partner


InterWorks is a people-focused consultancy, delivering technology solutions to clients in search of premier service and expertise. Our global presence and full-stack capability make us an excellent resource for clients wanting to integrate Exasol into their data practice. Because of its lightning-fast speed, Exasol is the perfect database for analytic-minded organizations, particularly those utilizing Tableau Software. As Tableau’s foremost Gold Partner and Exasol’s first US partner, we can help you leverage the best of both.

Authorised Partner


iORGA prides itself on the very high technological knowledge of its business consultants. iORGA’s business analysts provide the link between business and IT projects. With over 100 consultants, iORGA’s techincal experts focus on three parts of data management: Dashboards, ETL, custom developing.

Technology like Exasol a central part of the companies services.

Authorised Partner


iRIX has been an independent specialist in integration and analytic topics since 1999 – it finds clever solutions for innovative companies. Global companies as well as SMEs trust the know-how of Exasol and increase the efficiency of their business and analytical processes with iRIX. We accompany our clients from the conception to the precise formulation of the requirements and the selection of the appropriate architecture and implementation of the solution. In addition, we provide the necessary support for a reliable operation.

iRIX and Exasol takes you to the fast lane of the digitization highway.


Authorised Partner


We are concept-thinkers, project-leaders and implementers. We are cost-reducers and time-savers. We are application-moderators, IT-architects, mainframe-migrator-moderators. Service-managers, software-engineers, database-engineers, data-modelers and analytics-experts. In short, we are the ones, who understand your requirements – and make your applications and infrastructure future-proof and quality-assured. With the latest technologies. With knowledge and method. With competence, consistency and creativity – and always with heart and mind.

Authorised Partner

Kara Danismanlik

Kara Consultancy works to provide their customers with Business Intelligence, Analytical Reporting, Data Warehousing and Data Mining needs in a fast, easy and scalable way. They are able to do this by combining products and services with 20 + years of experience.

Implementations include combining  EXASOL, Tableau and MongDB into a perfect match.

Authorised Partner


Lincube is a Business Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics solution, and services company. They build cloud-based analytical solutions as well as IoT solutions. The company aims to offer unique perspectives to their customers and help them become more agile, efficient and competitive in their respective marketplace.

Exasol is part of the offered solutions to help companies provide better value to their customers.

Authorised Partner

M2. technology & project consulting GmbH

M2 provides professional services in business intelligence and big data analytics using state-of-the-art technology.

Besides our Exasol expertise, we are the first and most experienced Tableau consulting partner to come out of Germany and partner with vendors of data integration tools to help you plan, implement and maintain analytical solutions from end-to-end and provide professional services in project management, technology and quality management.


Authorised Partner


Mayato empowers companies to capitalize on their information. Together with their customers, they develop and implement solutions in the areas of financial analytics, customer analytics, industry analytics, and IT operations analytics.

Exasol is a premium part of mayato solutions to offer top of the range performance and easy maintenance.

Partner: NovioQ

Authorised Partner


NovioQ is your experienced partner for enterprise-grade web and mobile applications and data insights. NovioQ is a fast growing, agile and innovative company with decades of experience and focus on the enterprise market. Their mission is to deliver reliable, fast, scalable and low-maintenance solutions using best of breed technologies and an extensive partner network.

They enjoy complex projects, especially when it involves integrations with multiple sources, large back-end systems and cloud solutions like:

– new corporate web and mobile business applications using OutSystems low-code Rapid Application Development technology

– business data warehousing, analytics & intelligence platforms using Exasol MPP in-memory database technology

Besides using Exasol for regular business data warehousing, analytics & intelligence solutions, they have also chosen to use Exasol together with the low-code OutSystems platform for large data consolidations and analytics, because it perfectly fits their low-code, low-maintenance, low-costs and ultra-fast ideology.

Authorised Partner

productive-data GmbH

productive-data, based in Hamburg Germany, has been operating as a consulting company since 2008. We have a primary focus on business intelligence and on the introduction, development and operation of large data warehouse solutions. We help customers improve business processes and with the analysis and forecast of substantial, cross-system business data. Our goal is to increase our customers margins, reduce costs and make risks more controllable. For this we make use of various instruments, tools and technologies. The vendors of these tools are mostly long-time companions and reliable business partners. Our client base features predominantly in the retail, banking, insurance, telecommunications and social media sectors.

We conduct our business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Authorised Partner


ProKarma is a global services company that helps organizations build the vision and the tools to run the future.  With expertise in strategy, technology and analytics, ProKarma delivers design-engineered solutions that escalate growth for the world’s largest companies. Its team of more than 3,000 experts has been delivering experiential competitive advantages since 2004. For more information, visit http://www.prokarma.com.


Authorised Partner


QUALIGON is a German-based company with customers all across Europe. “Express Quality” is our vision. This comprises visualisation and presentation of data together with up-to-datedness, speed and dynamism.

We focus on the analysation of operational data for quality management purposes and the processing of geo-spatial data especially in industrial and retail scenarios.

We use Exasol to realise high-performance analytics and enhanced analytics projects.

Authorised Partner


SEVEN PRINCIPLES supports customers in the implementation of digital business models. They create innovative IT architectures, forming the basis for the sustainable digital transformation. Exasol is  an elementary part of the  digital transformation journey.

Authorised Partner


Sieger works with passion to deliver what they promise. To reach this high goal, they draw from the expertise and personal engagement of each consultant. Business Intelligence and Management Information Systems, Data Science and Machine Learning and data visualization based on Tableau or Microsoft Power BI are  the companies specialties.

Exasol is being implemented among other fields in the Data Migration and Solutions of Banking and HR.

Sievers Group Logo

Authorised Partner


For 30 years now SIEVERS-GROUP offers sophisticated IT solutions in the fields of business software, infrastructure and telecommunications. As a full-managed service provider the IT architecture house offers integrated solutions which include all individual customer requirements and simplify business processes. SIEVERS-GROUP is represented at four locations nationwide and currently employs about 330 people. The headquarters are situated in Osnabrück.

Authorised Partner


Sphinx is a veteran consulting company based in Austria. Deep knowledge and long-term experience are the basis of its projects.

Sphinx has incorporated Exasol in their portfolio to provide customers with a state of the art option in their DWH offerings.

Authorised Partner


Trevisto AG is a competent and trusted advisor for all aspects of IT: Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 or Advanced Analytics are at the core of the offering.

Exasol is an integrated part of Treviso’s offering for successful projects.

Authorised Partner


USEReady is a New York head quartered data consulting firm with offices in New York, NJ, Canada and India. USEReady helps customers adopt BI and Big Data platforms with Architecture, Design, Implementation and Support for both on-the premise and cloud. USEReady has deep expertise in Financial, Insurance, Retail and Media customers. Alongside consulting, USEReady helps customers adopt BI with Pixel Perfect, Skillbelt and Analytics Community. Pixel Perfect generates well formatted reports on demand from Tableau for regulatory, compliance or audit needs. Pixel Perfect helps users to retire traditional reporting platforms leveraging Tableau. Skillbelt gamifies learning experience with Tableau. To deliver customer success, USEReady has partnered with Tableau, Snowflake, Alteryx, Informatica, AWS and Microsoft.

Authorised Partner


Founded in 2011, Viteco provides support for BI solutions at a high level with anchored and unified processes that provide value and security for their customers.
Their philosophy is that it is easier and cheaper to do things properly from the start. They firmly believe that the effort and focus must be based on the application and the benefit of the solutions, not the technical ones.

Viteco chose Exasol, not the least because the company sharies its same cost efficiency philosphy.