Waving goodbye to Netezza 
could be your chance to become truly data driven

Modernize your data analytics

We know that every vendor is probably telling you to use their data warehouse now that Netezza is coming to an end. That’s why we want the unrivalled performance and flexibility of our analytics database to speak for itself – put it to the test now with our free edition.

Performance and flexibility for a hybrid data strategy

Data science – for AI, ML and predictive analytics

Hassle-free implementation and migration times

Self-optimizing and self-tuning abilities

How our analytics database compares to IBM’s?

IBM’s Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) is IBM’s suggested ‘next step’ for Netezza customers. So let’s take a look to see how it compares to our analytics database.


What is it?

We have a high-performance in-memory analytics database. The memory is used as a large cache, which enables you to perform queries with your data. And the self-tuning, proprietary algorithms improve over time.IBM’s new data warehouse appliance runs on IBM Power 8 hardware and relies on IBM Db2 Warehouse. It stores data both in columnar and row storage, and is deployed in containers.

Deployment options

Deployment is completely flexible – either on-premises, appliance, VM, on our private cloud, and public clouds, such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure. We also offers our customers a single node edition for smaller deployments. IIAS consists of mixed hardware and software components. Unusually, it’s been designed to be cloud-native so the core database engine runs in containers. IBM encourages its customers to use the cloud version – called Db2 Warehouse on Cloud – which is very similar to the appliance.

Netezza migration compatibility

Our analytics database supports ANSI-SQL 2008, so all non-proprietary code will work. It can also be extended with UDFs in any programming language, including Python, R, Java and others. IIAS supports SQL, similar to Exasol. It offers a Netezza compatibility mode. Functions need to be migrated, recompiled and tested.

Read our white paper for a comprehensive look at your migration path options and see how we stack up next to IBM.

Whitepaper: What next after Netezza?

Choosing The Most Flexible Data Warehouse

Since IBM will stop supporting the Netezza product line in July 2019, customers are searching for a dignified replacement. However, the migration to the suggested platform IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) would be too complex and time-consuming for most customers.

In this Whitepaper you will find out why IBM will stop supporting Netezza and why Exasol is the perfect replacement for Netezza customers.

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As an alternative to Netezza, Exasol’s analytics database now represents the de-facto fastest analytical solution in the world and yields a TCO that is at least ten times better that any others in the market – which is hard to ignore for any CIO or CFO

Slavko Kastelic  Sales & Marketing Director, Co-founder at CRMT 

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Migrating from Netezza

Migrating from Netezza: an SQL Script to help you import data from Netezza into Exasol’s analytics database

Peek under the hood

Read our technical white paper on our analytics database – and get an in-depth understanding of how it can help you become truly data-driven.

Webinar: Netezza to Exasol Migration

In this webinar, Matej Petrovčič from CRMT provides a practical step-by-step guide on how to migrate from Netezza to Exasol.

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