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Supercharge your BI performance in MicroStrategy

Free your decision making from data bottlenecks

Ever-growing data volumes and increasingly complex queries can  put strain on your BI performance. But with the right analytics database you can free yourself from these bottlenecks, and supercharge your BI in MicroStrategy – enabling you and your organization to make the right decisions, faster.

5 ways we can help you supercharge BI in MicroStrategy

Reduce loading times for existing iCube and Caching-Structures.

Run complex analytics through a live connection into the database.

Ease migration with a range of flexible integrations options.

Choose between on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployments. 

Improve cost predictability with intelligent, self-tuning and self-optimizing capabilities.

How to get the best analytics performance from MicroStrategy with your data stack

As a MicroStrategy customer, you have more control of your data stack than ever before. But choice can be a double-edged sword. In a busy market with technology vendors releasing all sorts of wonderful new services that can be applied right through the stack, where do you start looking for gains? Download our guide to review how you can maximize the analytics performance you can get from MicroStrategy through your data stack.

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“With Exasol, you can run anything. It handles MicroStrategy’s SQL with ease and its extensibility is impressive; we use it to run Python, Java and C++ right there in the database.”

Artem Ivanov / Director of Business Intelligence, Badoo

Helping Zalando get faster insights from business critical data

Watch our webinar to learn how Zalando use our analytics database with MicroStrategy to super-charge their data analytics performance – helping they get faster insights from business-critical data, improving everything from customer satisfaction to delivery times.

We also highlight how easy it is to deploy a new Exasol cluster in multiple cloud environments and how to facilitate hybrid cloud setups.

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Technical Overview

How Exasol’s live connection optimizes MicroStrategy


Supercharge your MicroStrategy platform – with the right database

Technical White Paper

A Peek Under the Hood

A closer look at the architecture and inner workings of our database.

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