Use Case

Exasol - the obvious next step for your Business Intelligence

For many enterprises MicroStrategy is the chosen strategic Enterprise platform. They profit from a centralized framework and enterprise grade scalability. As these environments grow, many existing data platforms fail to keep up and subsequently slow down the distributed reports and restrict analytical possibilities. Exasol removes these obstacles by delivering lightning fast SQL Queries, analytics that can be run directly in the database and minimal maintenance overhead.

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Exasol for MicroStrategy Enterprise BI: proven, fast, flexible

Your Challenge

  • As your MicroStrategy installation continues growing and the tasks from your users become increasingly diverse and more complex, your existing data management solution inevitably reaches its limits.
  • As a result, the amount of work and financial resources that go into maintaining acceptable speed and the integrity of data structures grow exponentially.
  • Additionally, you need to integrate new data sources into your data lake and digitalization initiatives require more analytical power from your data infrastructure.
  • By trying to maintain the status-quo with your existing database infrastructure, you risk making it a bottleneck that threatens the success of your BI initiative.

The Exasol Solution

  • Implement Exasol as an add-on accelerator and utilize the power of complementary integrated solutions.
  • Sit Exasol alongside your data warehouse. This allows you to continue to use your system for day-to-day business and run your analytics in our high-speed in-memory analytic database.
  • Easily integrate Exasol into your existing heterogeneous database landscapes, including Oracle, Teradata, Cloudera and many others.
  • Flexible Deployment on-premise or in the cloud (AWS, Azure, or EXACloud)

Your Benefits

  • Spend less time on preparing complex analytics for your reporting in MicroStrategy, just point it directly to the database
  • Receive full flexibility for all kind of queries (e.g. Drill Across, Data Science)
  • Reduce loading times for existing iCube and Caching-Structures
  • Build a central data provider for all existing data sources from OLTP DBs to HDFS Systems
  • Run near real-time reporting for operational, analytical data
  • Avoid technical or financial scalability constraints with existing technologies
  • Freely choose between on premise (on standard hardware), Virtual or Cloud Environments
  • Save on overheads by using Exasol’s self-tuning database.
  • Benefit from proven and certified integration with MicroStrategy for more than 10 years

By implementing the in-memory database, Zalando can now benefit from a higher degree of flexibility. Exasol offers a clear performance advantage, too.

Eric von Czapiewski, Head of Business Intelligence, Zalando SE