Use Case

High-End Analytics in the Cloud

Exasol gets the maximum out of your infrastructure

Public cloud offerings become more and more popular because of their flexibility, agility and scalability. Exasol is the world’s fastest RDBMS, and you are enabled to run it on any infrastructure: on-premises or on the most common public clouds.

This ensures maximal flexibility if your infrastructure strategy evolves, or if you chose for a hybrid setup.

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Big Data Analytics Use Case

The most powerful database on the cloud

Your Challenge

  • You consider the cloud to be strategic, but don’t want to get dependent from vendors.
  • It’s important to find a system that can cope with your future data challenges.
  • You need to be flexible for hybrid setups or multi-cloud environments.

The Exasol solution

  • With Exasol, you’ll get the maximum out of your cloud infrastructure and need less resources for higher performance
  • Rely on Exasol’s unbeaten scalability and react quickly if your requirements change.
  • Exasol is available across multiple infrastructures and on-premises. You can use the same license across any platform.
  • Our Virtual Schemas provide you one comprehensive, logical view on all your data systems, wherever they run.

Your Benefits

  • Use the most powerful analytics framework for high-end data applications and scalability.
  • Get more power out of less infrastructure, and be future-ready for your data warehousing, data analytics or data science projects.
  • Our multi-platform capabilities provide you maximal autonomy and flexibility.
  • Open standards and flexible integration frameworks guarantee interoperatability and smooth integration with your existing infrastructure – no vendor lock-in.

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