Use Case

Hadoop and Big Data

Transform your valuable data lake into a high-performance analytic environment.

Exasol turns your data lake into an analytic repository. 

Exasol is the analytic layer that is missing from your Hadoop cluster. Make better decisions faster than ever before. Store your raw data in your Hadoop lake and power your interactive business-critical applications with hot data in just seconds with Exasol. Pull in data from social media, call-center activities and/or clickstreams and combine it with your data warehouse to create a valuable, high-performance analytic environment.

Your Challenge

  • All of your valuable data is stored in your Hadoop-based data lake but it’s inaccessible for your fast-paced business.
  • Your system can’t cope with your quickly-growing data volumes and increasing analytics requirements.
  • Your team is hindered by the reality that your data lake strategy has created data silos that stores data which can never be analyzed appropriately using your current technology.

The Exasol Solution

  • Store your historical raw data in your Hadoop lake while powering your interactive business-critical applications with warm/hot data in seconds by using Exasol as integrated acceleration layer.
  • Direct parallel transfer from and to Hadoop, with support for all HCatalog storage formats.
  • Gain unrivalled flexibility with data virtualization for Hadoop with intelligent query push-down.

Your Benefits

  • Get the support of a feature-rich analytic performance layer for low latency, interactive ad hoc data exploration of your data lake.
  • You can finally leverage your data lake to steer your business.
  • Gain an immediate boost in productivity and manageability to guarantee a high-performance integration between Hadoop and Exasol.
  • Experience maximum performance through MPP, in-memory computing, and scalability.
  • Feel confident in the fact that you can still access all historical data stored in Hadoop intelligently by using Exasol’s powerful data virtualization feature.

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