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Existing Datasets

Chicago Taxi Data

Schema: Chicago_Taxi

Data source: City of Chicago

Number of records: 105 million

Size of dataset: 14GB

Download .tds file

New York Taxi Data

Schema: NYC_Taxi

Data source: NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission

Number of records: 1.29 billion

Size of dataset: 158 GB

Download .tds file

UK Prescriptions Data

Schema: Prescriptions_UK

Data source:

Number of records: 784 million

Size of dataset: 66GB

Download .tds file

Ozone Data

Schema: Ozone


Number of records: 202 million

Size of dataset: 24 GB

Download .tds file

Global Daily Temperatures 1833-2017

Schema: MakeoverMonday – Daily Temps

Data source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Number of records: 176 million

Size of dataset: 24GB

Download .tds file

Zillow Home Value Index

Schema: Zillow

Data source: Zillow Group

Number of records: 165 million

Size of dataset: 91GB

Download .tds file

Note: Any visualization of this data must include the following attribution: “Zillow Home Value Index data provided by Zillow. The results and opinions are those of the author(s) and do not reflect the position of Zillow Group”

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