Case Study


Performance boost for data-driven start-up companies

The e-commerce and business intelligence specialist Wunderdata has developed a full-service solution for online retailers that automatically integrates data from a wide variety of sources. In order to prevail over well-established competitors, the young company relies on Exasol’s cost-efficient, high-performance analytic database solution.

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In the past, the average waiting time to process various data models was two hours. With Exasol, we have managed to cut it to 15 seconds.

Stefan Ladenthin, CTO at Wunderdata
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The Challenge

  • Complex queries placed too many demands on Wunderdata‘s previous database, so much so that testing new data models became impossible
  • ETL processes could no longer be prepared
  • Analyses had to be scheduled in advance

The solution

  • High performance, affordable database solution that offers low service-level costs
  • Long-term scalability
  • EXASOL’s cloud-based start-up program enables Wunderdata to use the right solution to power its BI analytics offering

Proven benefits

  • Back-end processes and data modeling have improved considerably at Wunderdata
  • Customers have also benefited from the improved front-end performance – all thanks to EXASOL
  • Wunderdata now gets more meaningful analytics by analyzing full sets of raw data – they also receive insights much faster than ever before
  • Now, customers can act fast and flexibly especially in the event of strong growth