Case Study


Optimized business processes through holistic measurement and process data management

Semikron Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of power semiconductors. The third generation family-run business was established in 1951 and has its head office in Nuremberg, Germany. A workforce of 3,900 manufactures and develops both standard power semiconductor components and custom-specific systems and solutions such as transistors, control systems, special cooling solutions for systems, condensers and application-specific controller software at ten production sites and 36 companies around the globe.

According to IMS, a primary market research institute, the electronics specialist is the market leader in the field of diode and thyristor semi-conductor modules, holding a 30% share of the global market

Exasol was the only database provider from whom sufficiently short response times could be expected for the given data volumes within the project budget and this confirmed in a proof of concept. Our evaluation times for standard analyses could in part be reduced from several days to just a few hours a month.

Gerhard Zapf, Senior Manager at SEMIKRON International GmbH
Measurement and process data analytics
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The Challenge

 In 2007, Semikron recognised the need to establish a flexible system solution for its special field of measurement data archiving to ensure efficient storage, analysis and traceability of its measurement data. Concrete customer requirements were also made of data archiving within the scope of new contracts. The project had three major aims:

  • Archiving of all quality data on the products sold during the prescribed storage periods
  • Online availability of all archive data with a search function
  • Provision of material movement and delivery information for traceability all along the production chain

The Solution

When Exasol first contacted Semikron in December 2008, it had already been determined that clear optimisation of the process chain was possible with use of the Exasol high-performance database based on in-memory technology. A proof of concept, loaded withreal data from one year, showed the desired improvements in performance directly. This involved first entering test data from one system from each of the production areas in Germany into an entirely modelled data model. The query times were analysed with differentdata volumes and cluster configurations. Upon conclusion of the test phase, Semikron connected one system per production area to the live system.

Over the course of 2010, all measurement systems in Germany and Slovakia were then connected in a process that took around one year. Subsequent systems then followed in the course of standard operations after conclusion of the project. To date, five international locations and 60 measurement systems have been connected to the Exasol high-performance database.

Proven Benefits

  • Uniform measurement and process data archive
  • High-performance data management for multi-layered ad hoc analyses
  • Simple safeguarding of the long-term archiving
  • Creation of a seamless chain of proof for the customer
  • Extensive time savings for typical standard analyses