Case Study

Fast data analytics that fights infections – using Exasol to analyze, visualize and make sense of 555bn data points fast

Saving lives and curbing illness rates – Piedmont Healthcare, health provider and manager of 8 hospitals in the Atlanta metro area, analyzes its own data as well as information from some 30 public data sources in order to localize and minimize infection rates.

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By placing Exasol at the beating heart of our analytics we have seen significant improvements, not only to the organization’s bottom line, but to the satisfaction and safe delivery of our services to patients.

Mark Jackson, Director of BI at Piedmont Healthcare
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The Challenge

  • As a result of an impressive growth strategy, Piedmont’s incumbent MS SQL Server system could no longer scale in line with the healthcare provider’s demands
  • The cost of data analytics continued to increase due to mounting security and performance issues with the incumbent solution
  • The healthcare provider wanted to overhaul and revolutionize its ability to process, understand and gain insights from data

The Solution

  • Piedmont opted for Exasol so it can meet the ever-growing analytic demands of the business; the database complements the front-end visualization tool Tableau.
  • Complex analytic queries on vast amounts of data are now answered in seconds, the provider can analyze more data than ever before and front-end users now gain much deeper insights into important data.
  • Exasol has replaced the incumbent data warehouse system – both Piedmont’s core repository as well as systems in place for its subsidiary companies PiedmontClinic and Piedmont Physicians Group.

Proven Benefits

For Piedmont Healthcare:

  • Data is now democratized and disseminated across the organization
  • Data is immediately available to decision-makers and management
  • Reports containing data from internal systems are never more than a day old
  • Visualizations enable front-end users to explore data faster than ever before
  • Reports are consolidated and presented clearly in one single portal

For patients:

  • Within the first year of using Exasol, by measuring and analyzing 30 metrics Piedmont saw a 40% reduction in illness rates caused by infections
  • Several Piedmont Hospitals registered a 0% infection rate over the entire year.

In general:

  • Exasol has improved the democratization of data at Piedmont, opening greater access to more decision-makers who can now rely on the data to improve the running of their healthcare practice.
  • Exasol’s implementation has permeated into many different areas of Piedmont’s business, including hospital care quality scores, operation outcomes and patience satisfaction levels, making Piedmont Healthcare a truly data-driven organization.