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High performance analytics that boosts online marketing performance

Founded in 2012 and part of the Jung von Matt group, the performance marketing agency offers its clients services such SEA, SEO, affiliate marketing and performance display advertising, enabling them to generate new leads and win new customers.

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netzeffekt has supercharged its analytics. By using Exasol, several particularly complex queries are processed in near real-time. The database also offers great integration with Tableau – adding Exasol to Tableau as a data source is as simple as a selecting a menu option in Tableau.

Florian Sänger, Technical Director netzeffekt GmbH
Ad-clicks/Ad-impression analytics
Campaign management
Connection analytics
Usage analytics
BI Tool
ETL Tool

The Challenge

  • The variety of data sources and data volumes has grown over time; increasing amounts of data from tool APIs (such as Facebook, YouTube etc.) are being added to data from netzeffekt’s own tracking system called nfxTrack
  • With such large amounts of data, analysis was slow and resource-intensive, requiring significant amounts of overhead
  • Tableau extracts could not be easily processed

The Solution

  • netzeffekt looked for a solution that delivered high performance and also supported data visualizations using Tableau
  • Fast query speeds in aggregated functions, performance grouping and chain analysis that also supported bulk loading and offered an integrated scripting engine
  • Performance, scalability, versatility
  • Integrated R plugin
  • German-based support

Proven Benefits

  • BI analytics is now an integral part of its product and services range, which includes SEO, SEA and real-time advertising
  • As netzeffekt can use significantly larger data sets, measuring campaign impact is now much more granular than before
  • Adding Exasol to Tableau as a data source is as simple as a selecting a menu option in Tableau