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Simply secure digital payment solutions

Turkey’s fastest growing fintech company iyzico supplies a secure payment system to online businesses of any shape and size. iyzico provides secure payment solutions to over 35,000 online companies as well as secure shopping experience for more than 600,000 consumers with its iyzico Buyer Protection service. iyzico’s solutions are powered by analyzing huge data volumes, delivered in near real-time.

We provide the high-performing database that seamlessly integrates with powerful data analysis tools.

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Our business moves fast and relies on data, transactions and their analysis. There’s no time to deal with technical unpredictability or complicated tools – we need a reliable, high-performing and secure solution. The collaboration with Exasol and Kara Danişmanlik was extremely professional and very pleasant. We’re more than happy with the outcome.

İlkay Düzgün / CFO of iyzico
Financial Services
 Fraud detection
Financial reporting
Operational performance
BI Tool
ETL Tool


  • Continuously increasing customer numbers and financial transactions, and allocating data-driven services
  • Exasol’s one-cluster community edition was working at full capacity without any further room for growth
  • Faster results even with rising customer numbers and data volumes as over 300 daily reports and more than 100 dashboards need to be supplied with data
  • Cost and administration requirements should match the availability of iyzico’s data maintenance team


  • Based on Exasol’s community edition, iyzico’s IT experts looked for a new high performing, scalable and stable solution that’s quick to implement
  • iyzico explored the market based on their requirements and critically reviewed three platforms – Exasol, Hadoop and Oracle
  • Together with the Turkish IT provider Kara Danişmanlik they decided on Exasol’s Enterprise Cluster Edition due to its high level of performance, value for money and easy installation
  • High-capacity data virtualization frameworks and the seamless integration with tools such as Tableau make Exasol a stable foundation for any data-driven business

The benefits

For iyzico:

  • Exasol provides iyzico with a stable online analytical processing (OLAP) database delivering high performance through in-memory technology and fast analyses of scalable data volumes and large data sets
  • Exasol is quick and easy to install with intuitive management
  • Tableau integration delivers fast and visually comprehensive insights of the fintech’s customer data

For iyzico customers:

  • Protection against payment fraud
    Hundreds of security filters, extensive blacklists and smart analyses of millions of payment data sets through self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms help iyzico’s experts to identify suspicious transactions before they take place
  • Unrivalled customer experience
    Customers enjoy straightforward and secure online payments with iyzico’s digital onboarding, easy integration and anti-fraud system based on machine learning


Exasol – the analytics database