Case Study


Massive acceleration of complex data analysis

Thanks to improved performance, the market research company can better meet its customers’ needs. The process of supplying and graphically representing data has been reduced from several days to one day or from hours to minutes.

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Purchasing behaviour analytics
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For more than 50 years, IQVIA has been the world’s leading provider of information services for the healthcare industry (pharmaceuticals and medical devices, funding and service providers). Its customers are the decision-makers of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, who are provided with important data and services relating to the market and portfolio performance of their products as well as the management of corporate divisions.

The situation

To collect, prepare and analyze new data sources, a high-performance system was needed at the local level in order to upload large amounts of data to a data warehouse, analyze it quickly and output it on demand without increasing costs and resources significantly.

The solution

  • High-performance data management for multi-layered on-demand queries
  • Real-time analysis of unlimited quantities of data
  • Scalability through the addition of new servers for higher requirements or larger amounts of data
  • Reduced operating costs through simple integration and administration