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Intelligent Retargeting of E-Commerce Sites in Record Time

Emetriq (formerly xplosion interactive) from Hamburg is one of the leading suppliers of intelligent re-targeting solutions in the German speaking area.

A team of more than 25 online marketing specialists develop innovative solutions for optimally dynamically personalised banner advertisements in web shops. The customers of the company, which is part of the international Otto Group, include firms from the e-commerce, telecommunications, finance and tourism industries.

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Besides profitability, speed and high- performance capability, flexibility was one of the decisive criteria when deciding on a database. The volume of data that we work with is growing rapidly. For the next year alone, we expect our analysis volume to double.

Sebastian Hoop, former CTO at emetriq
Retail & E-Commerce
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The Challenge

Originally, Emetriq had a separate My SQL database for each of their customers with which events were entered and processed. This warranted optimal performance. However, it involved high administrative effort. Aggregates had to be created laboriously. In the medium term, this system could not keep up with the growing demands.

The solution

In November 2010 the production system was switched over to the in-memory database Exasol including a smooth connection of the existing ETL and analysis tools. The new database forms the basis for a forward-thinking solution that grows with the volume of data to be analyzed. By using Exasol, Emetriq is now able to hold the data of all end-customers centrally in a shared database and generate analyses for the entire customer base.

Proven benefits

  • xplosion interactive customers benefit from tailor-made retargeting
  • Real time data mining thanks to the high performance Exasol database