Case Study

Blue Yonder

Using demand forecasts for optimum stock availability

With its predictive applications, Blue Yonder makes sound business decisions possible to ensure optimum stock availability in traditional trade and e-commerce. The company does this by combining the intelligence of its software with the analytical strengths of Exasol.

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For us to continually provide reliable analyses, a database with high scalability is imperative.

Jan Karstens, CTO Blue Yonder
Analytics as a Service
 Fraud detection
Managing returns
Oracle DB
BI Tool
Own application
ETL Tool
LUA Scripts

The Challenge

  • Generate billions of sales forecasts and assess hundreds of millions of data records a week
  • Calculate precise forecasts of product needs
  • Lower administrative costs

The solution

  • Database engineered and architected to deliver lightning-fast analytic performance with no data limits
  • Linear scalability through a combination of in-memory technology, columnar compression and storage, and massively parallel processing

Proven benefits

  • Free scalability and quick and flexible adjustments to growing amounts of data
  • Demand forecasts that are exact to the day, hour, or even minute
  • Reduced administrative costs with efficient compression algorithms and self-tuning capabilities