Case Study

Badoo, the global dating app used by hundreds of millions, finds a match in Exasol for data analytics

Badoo, one of the world’s largest dating apps, allows people to chat, share interests, match with others, as well as upload photos and videos.

Analyzing the volume of data generated every day by the platform is crucial to ensuring the best possible experience for Badoo’s users. Underpinning the BI infrastructure is a 20-node Exasol cluster that stores and analyzes 350 terabytes of data.

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With Exasol you can run anything. It handles Microstrategy’s SQL with ease and its extensibility is impressive, we use it to run Python, Java and C++ right there in the database. Anything you can run in Linux, you can run in Exasol in parallel.

Artem Ivanov / Director of Business Intelligence
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The challenge

  • As a result of a largely positive user reception, Badoo grew so immensely that the existing infrastructure reached its limits.
  • The existing database did not scale accordingly to the amount that data multiplied.
  • Therefore, the database was in danger of coming to a complete standstill.

The solution

  • Badoo decided to reevaluate its entire software base: for every segment of the infrastructure, Badoo was looking for the specialist who would meet its high demands and at the same time integrate seamlessly into the entire ecosystem.
  • In a proof-of-concept process, Badoo defined several metrics (performance, extensibility, security, etc.) to compare analytical databases from multiple vendors. Exasol succeeded in meeting almost all the criteria better than its competitors.
  • Badoo’s collaboration with Exasol’s team has become a sort of partnership: together, features are being developed to make the product even better.

The benefits of Badoo

  • Extremely easy administration and very low maintenance.
  • Through Exasol, Badoo receives real-time feedback when setting up A/B tests: when the tests are defined, the database tells you if there is an overlap and how big it is–which can scale up to the millions. That gives Badoo room to maneuver.
  • Upgrades can be done without delays, so the quality assurance cycle has been accelerated.
  • Badoo’s business model is to be technologically up-to-date, and thus they capitalize on the changes made in Exasol’s Minor release in order to double the size of the Exasol cluster from 10 to 20 knots.
  • The company is, with continued above-average growth,well positioned in the market.