Case Study

Getting to know the client better – Exasol delivers 360-degree data strategy for 11880 AG

11880* is Germany’s second-largest directory enquiry service. The 11880 Solutions AG and its brands have delivered fast and reliable results for more than 20 years -employing 600 people across three German locations. The German Institute for Service Quality and the German TV news channel n-tv recently crowned 11880 as the best German online portal in the ‘mercantile directory’ category. Its business is based on data – their availability and interpretability ensure success in a hotly contested market. Our data analytics platform is now the central data storage for all data collected throughout the business and enables business intelligence (BI) analyses.

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Exasol’s greatest strengths it’s definitely the amount of flexibility and performance. The data analytics platform seamlessly integrated into our IT infrastructure. It offers more potential than others such as working with user defined functions (UDFs).

Ingolf Lentzkow / Manager Datawarehouse/ BI at 11880
Adress management
Financial reporting
Microsoft MSSQL
Oracle DB
BI Tool
ETL Tool


  • Overextended database due to large-scale data fragmentation
  • Actual data analysis took several days
  • Complex evaluations by departments impractical
  • Detailed client analysis impossible


  • Proof of concept completed with impressive outcomes
  • Business intelligence (BI) and IT departments set up the Exasol database, migrated data, introduced a scenario and tested reporting with the existing BI tools
  • Analyses were 20-times faster as a result
  • Subsequent and successful connection to Oracle BI thanks to Exasol’s know-how


  • Vastly increased performance and ability to retrieve complex information
  • Reduced administration requirements
  • Better cost-performance ratio
  • Flexibility – seamless integration and application of user defined functions (UDFs)


  • The sales department can perform detailed campaign analyses (360-degree client view)
  • The BI department can analyse sales campaigns, create sales promotions and suggest additional products to the sales department


Exasol – the future of data analytics