André Hacker

Head of Research & Development

As Head of R&D, André holds responsibility for the whole software development value stream – starting from our users needs, ending in the delivery of an enhanced Exasol database offering simple yet powerful solutions.

“I am very passionate about continuous improvement, both of the product itself and of the way we develop software. Three things motivate me most: First, to work on an outstanding product. Second, that I can rely on a highly skilled team with enthusiasts for algorithms, C++, Linux, Open Source, analytics, and many more areas. And third, to work closely with customers who are leaders in what they do and push us continuously.”

André studied computer science at the Free University and Technical University in Berlin, specializing in parallel databases and Big Data systems. Despite his passion for hands-on coding, his holistic way of thinking repeatedly pulls him into leadership positions. Before joining Exasol he was Co-Founder and CTO of a VC backed data synchronization startup.