DbVisualizer optimized for Exasol to deliver state-of-the-art database tool

05 Apr 2019 | Share

London, 5 April 2019: DbVisualizer, the universal database tool, has been optimized for its features and integration capabilities with Exasol, the in-memory database. DbVisualizer is recommended by Exasol as the prime database tool for its users.

“We are excited to see this joint project come to fruition after a period of intense collaboration. Exasol users get access to a state-of-the-art tool that has been optimized for Exasol, and our experts can concentrate on our core business; working on maintaining Exasol’s lead as the performance in-memory database”, said Dr. Jens Graupmann, VP Product Management, Exasol.

DbVisualizer replaces the in-house tool EXAplus GUI as the recommended database tool for advanced Exasol users. Exasol and DbVis Software have cooperated at all levels to ensure the popular DbVisualizer software provides the best possible experience for Exasol customers to maintain their databases or analyse data, ultimately offering greater user experience and richer functionality.

“We at DbVis Software are honored that Exasol chose DbVisualizer as the default database tool for Exasol users. It is confirmation of our position as the universal database tool and our adaptability to meet user needs. We look forward to years of joint development,” said Roger Bjärevall, CEO and Founder, DbVis Software.

The new Exasol-specific features are made available to all DbVisualizer users from version 10.0.12, regardless of how and when they acquired the software.


PR contact
Carla Gutierrez, Global PR Manager at Exasol
Email: Carla.gutierrez@exasol.com


About Exasol

Exasol is the future of data analytics. Its unique development team have combined cutting-edge innovation and unrivalled know-how to create the world’s fastest data analytics platform, designed to give users the power, flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of an organization’s long-term data strategy.

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About DbVisualizer

DbVis Software AB, founded in 2003, is a Sweden-based privately held company dedicated to developing and selling platform independent tools for database administration, development, and analysis.

The core product – DbVisualizer – has seen more than 4 million downloads of its two flavors; the commercial DbVisualizer Pro edition and the DbVisualizer Free edition. More than 18,500 customer organizations in 123 countries have purchased the commercial version.

DbVisualizer is a global word-of-mouth success, driven by the quality software with an intuitive user-friendly interface. Staying true to its original objectives, DbVisualizer is still a highly focused software product, not bloated with unneeded functions. New features are only added after feedback from the user community indicates a need.

Support is offered as a quick and precise service and is performed by the same team that develops the product.

For more information, go to www.dbvis.com