Exasol proves to be a match made in heaven for crunching data lists in Match2List’s innovative SaaS solution: Match2Lists.com

14 Jun 2017 | Share

Match2Lists sets itself up for fast growth with Exasol analytic database implementation

Match2Lists has chosen Exasol as the in-memory analytic database engine to run its innovative data matching and data cleansing cloud. Match2Lists allows customers to clean and unify data from disparate systems and sources rapidly and accurately, and is used in multiple sectors including travel, pharmaceutical, FMCG and financial services.

Creating a single unified view of customers and prospects from all the data available is key to turning it into actionable information. Matching numerous internal data sets (sales, marketing and account management) with external sources (third party and partner data) is complex and time-consuming given the endless variations of spellings of company names, addresses as well as the numerous ways a person’s name can be spelled or shortened. To do this requires a matching algorithm with intelligence.

The more data that is successfully matched and deduplicated, the more information you can piece together from disparate sources. Match2Lists.com combines the most advanced data matching algorithms with a visual interface to allow companies to accurately match millions of records in minutes.

Amr Hassan, co-founder and CEO of Match2Lists says: “Match2Lists looked to the market for a fast in-memory database engine that could underpin the company’s matching algorithms. When we tested Exasol in a proof-of-concept trial, it is an understatement to say we were extremely impressed. Seeing hundreds of millions of records matched in seconds simply blew us away.

“With a database engine like Exasol underpinning Match2Lists, it means that our clients can start and finish big data projects in minutes. However, the benefits did not stop there. With our previous solution, we would have needed ten times the RAM we have now to even come close to speeds achieved by Exasol .

“With Exasol we are achieving faster speeds at a lower cost in a package that is much easier to manage.”

In short order, Match2Lists signed up to Exasol ‘s cloud and hosted service offering: EXACloud. Match2Lists has leveraged some of Exasol’s advanced features to further increase its speed. By running algorithms in parallel directly in the database, it has been able to take Match2Lists’ performance to the next level.

Amr continues: “Our partnership with Exasol has set us up for the future, for new markets and services and most importantly, the feedback from our customers has been fantastic.”

Aaron Auld, CEO at Exasol , comments: “Match2Lists is a business borne out of a real business need but its analytics infrastructure was holding it back. Match2Lists is a perfect use case for Exasol and showcases the speed that our streamlined in-memory database delivers. Moreover, the intelligence built in to the database means Match2Lists doesn’t have to worry about administrative tasks; instead, they can focus on their business and drive customer adoption of Match2Lists.com. Every business needs the right tool to unlock its full potential. For Match2Lists that tool was Exasol .”

About Match2Lists.com

Match2Lists.com provides innovative data matching and cleansing solutions to companies of all sizes, allowing them to spend less time managing complex data and more time using it. More information is available online at www.match2lists.com.