In-memory meets SaaS analytics in the cloud: EXASOL supported as data source in Tableau Online

06 Apr 2016 | Share

Nuremberg, Germany, 6 April 2016: Users of EXASOL have been used to connecting their in-memory database instance to Tableau’s front-end data visualization technology for some time in order to bring their data to life. And now, users can also avail themselves of the power of EXASOL with Tableau Online, Tableau’s hosted version of Tableau Server.

Tableau Online is Tableau’s SaaS-based cloud analytics offering that allows users to publish and share insights in the cloud without the need to spend time and resources on hardware and maintaining software releases. Live connections can be maintained with a number of data sources, including EXASOL’s fast in-memory analytic database from version 4.2 onwards. As a result, users can now add an extra layer of in-memory performance to their SaaS-based analytics.

“As data volumes have increased exponentially, the need for analytics has sky rocketed,” explains Aaron Auld, CEO at EXASOL. “Companies want to be seen to be getting the most value out of their data, so it follows that they only stand to benefit when they pair great in-memory database technology with intuitive visualization software. Now that EXASOL is supported as a data source in Tableau Online as well as Tableau Server, companies have even more choices available to them. Add to that the fact that we also run on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and in our own private EXACloud, then you quickly see how numerous the options are for Tableau’s user base when it comes to analytic performance.”

The news comes as companies continue to use EXASOL to speed up their data visualizations in Tableau. Launched last year, organizations have been leveraging the power of Tableau Turbo by EXASOL to help them accelerate their Tableau visualizations and derive analytical insights from their data at lightning speeds. Other organizations have simply installed EXASOL and connected to Tableau Server directly. Now, companies that want to use cloud-based architectures to run their data visualizations can use Tableau Online with EXASOL and therefore analyze large data volumes in the cloud, allowing them to focus on their business, not on fixing performance or setup issues.

“As businesses become increasingly data-driven, the ability to analyze data and act upon insights is crucial to remaining competitive in the market. Data visualization tools such as Tableau allow users to see and understand their data, but BI and reporting technology can be let down by the latency of the underlying database where the data is resident. EXASOL continues to solve this problem and offer seamless connections to its fast in-memory database, be that using Tableau Server or now Tableau Online,” ends Auld.

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