30 times faster analysis that optimizes processes in the manufacturing industry

07 Dec 2015 | Share

EXASOL’s in-memory analytic database speeds up the reporting of Cosmino MDE and MES solutions.

Nuremberg, 7th December 2015 – EXASOL, developer of the world’s highest performance, massively parallel in-memory analytic database, today announced its technology partnership with COSMINO AG, a specialist in reporting and analytic software solutions for the manufacturing industry. From today, the EXASOL database can be implemented into COSMINO’s MDE and MES solutions as an additional turbo that accelerates reporting. As a result, data that is collected and edited by the software solution can now be processed and analyzed up to 30 times faster. At the same time, analytic queries need less computing power, which means that COSMINO customers benefit from a clear improvement in efficiency, especially when large amounts of data from production have to be analyzed at the same time or reports have to be updated several times a day.

Maximizing the potential thanks to in-memory technology

The core of Cosmino software is a fully automated reporting system that helps to optimize processes and products in the manufacturing industry in a transparent way. The software delivers the reports and analysis necessary for production, which are automatically compiled, distributed and checked for compliance in line with targets and other goals. “Because more and more data is being produced and collected, including in production, we needed to be able to run a much broader scope of reports and more regularly. And yet, the necessary compute time and power is an important criterion when it came to upgrading our reporting system. We are excited that we have EXASOL as a strategic partner, with whom we can support our customers in their process and product optimization through even faster analytics,” explains Frank Egersdörfer, CEO of COSMINO AG.

“With the integration of the EXASOL database into COSMINO AG’s products, manufacturing customers can now tap into and benefit from unparalleled analytic performance levels in order to handle the demands from today’s themes such as Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory,” explains Aaron Auld, CEO of EXASOL AG.

About Cosmino

Since 1988 COSMINO has been focusing on smart improvement processes, effective error prevention, and optimum capacity utilization. In short, we focus on: Maximum Efficiency.