EXASOL launches plug-and-play turbo solution to accelerate Tableau data visualisations

08 Jun 2015 | Share

Tableau On Tour Conference, Berlin, 8 June 2015: From today, users of Tableau can dramatically speed up their data visualisations with a plug-and-play boost from EXASOL. The provider of the world’s fastest MPP in-memory analytic database that helps businesses turn data into insight has released details and pricing of its analytic offering that speeds up Tableau users’ front-end, heralding an end to slow performance and inflexibility of legacy database technology that sits beneath.

Known as the Tableau Turbo by EXASOL, the solution sits alongside an organization’s existing database, data mart or data warehouse, acts as an acceleration layer and accelerates data visualisations that companies are running in Tableau. The announcement was made today at Tableau’s Tableau On Tour Conference in Berlin, where EXASOL is a sponsor.

As businesses become increasingly data-driven, the ability to analyse data and act upon insights is crucial to remaining competitive in the market. Front-end visualisation tools such as Tableau allow users to see and understand their data, but BI and reporting technology can be let down by the latency of the underlying databases where the data is resident. EXASOL has developed a solution to this problem by adding an acceleration layer between existing database technology and Tableau.

The Tableau Turbo by EXASOL is powered by EXASOL’s in-memory analytic database, which delivers the most powerful engine for Tableau, helping it bring data to life within the shortest of timescales. It supercharges Tableau, letting organizations analyse huge data volumes in real time, which allows them to focus on their business, not on fixing performance issues. Moreover, now users can integrate multiple data sources including structured and unstructured data from systems such as Hadoop.

“Tableau is designed to help businesses see and understand their data quickly, however if businesses cannot interact with their data easily and fast due to the poor performance delivered by their underlying database, it doesn’t matter how good the front-end visualisation tool promises to be,” said Aaron Auld, CEO, EXASOL. “We offer the world’s fastest in-memory analytic database so by adding our speed we can make a real difference to Tableau users. Businesses can get back to focusing on their core business rather than worrying about poor database performance.”

For more information, including terms and conditions, go to: http://www.exasol.com/en/tableau


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