EXASOL Appliance Supercomputer Breaks Records and Sets New Standards in Cost-performance, Named “Datanator”

31 Oct 2014 | Share

Nuremberg, Germany, October 29th, 2014 – In an effort to beat the records of the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s industry standard TPC Benchmark™ (TPC-H) for decision support systems, EXASOL AG built an in-memory, analytic database supercomputer appliance with its EXASolution Appliance blades. What it didn’t realize was that it wasn’t just building the fastest analytic database system, it was also building the most cost-effective analytic database supercomputer appliance ever.

In a tongue and cheek nod to IBM’s Watson supercomputer, EXASOL hosted a social-media naming contest for their appliance supercomputer. The name, “Datanator”, was selected by EXASOL CTO, Mathias Golombek, as being the most representative of this unprecedented supercomputing project.

“I loved the Hollywood sound of the name. It’s an unusual effort to build an appliance supercomputer so I wanted something special. The cost-performance comparisons are incredible. Based on independently, audited records the EXASolution “Datanator” Appliance price/performance is 66% less cost on average than the nearest competitor—actually a price/performance of 99% less cost if you look at the largest ever in-memory 100TB TPC-H benchmark,” says Mathias Golombek, EXASOL CTO.

EXASOL pitted the “Datanator” against the industry standard TPC-H benchmark for decision support systems and bested each TPC-H benchmark from 100 Gigabytes to 100 Terabytes. The “Datanator” EXASolution Appliance also established the largest and fastest in-memory analytic system benchmark ever at 100TB – delivering not only a 140 times performance increase but also a massive average 66% cost savings on a cost per performance basis over the nearest competitor. These results demonstrate EXASOL’s speed, scalability and cost/performance, which has consistently dominated the TPC-H benchmarks, since 2008.

“We participate in these independently audited industry benchmarks to prove our EXASolution in-memory analytic database is the best. It’s one of the clearest ways for us to make a name for ourselves when so much of the oxygen in the room is taken up by the big vendors. You can’t refuse the validity of these benchmarks, especially when combined with the real world examples of EXASolution working at such speeds and scalability. In the end, the customers are the biggest winners because they now have more information and choice,” Mathias Golombek, EXASOL CTO.


EXASOL was founded in 2000 with the simple goal to engineer the world’s fastest database for analytics and data warehousing. It helps companies across the globe, from start-ups to established global companies, manage their data in real-time helping to grow their business and drive profit. Its ground breaking in-memory analytic database product, EXASolution is the first ever database to combine in-memory, columnar compression, and massively parallel processing that is proven to be the world’s FASTEST, topping the list in the TPC-H Benchmark tests for performance. Leading global companies using EXASolution to run their businesses faster and smarter include: Adidas Group, GfK, IMS Health, King, Olympus, myThings, Sony Music and Xing, among others. Follow EXASOL on Twitter at @EXASOLAG.

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