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The people behind Exasol

Get a snapshot of what it’s like to work here with funny, insightful and unique interviews with our employees.

“Exasol is a global company but it still feels quite small and tight-knit because you can contact any department, any team, even the CEO. And if you have questions everyone is really friendly and willing to help. So, it’s almost a family.”

Emily Wardell

“So what’s really unique about Exasol is actually the people working here because everyone is really so enthusiastic about their work and so motivated and this really makes a difference to other companies.”

Valerie Wiedemann

“Anyone coming in to this organization can be as successful as they want to be. It’s a great environment that fosters people who are really driven and looking for success.”

Matthew Afolabi

“I already feel I’ve progressed massively. Within the first three months, I’ve been offered a new role. In a company of this size, you get recognized for what you do, they let you speak out.”

Jake Waring

“What I love about my job is that it gives me a lot of freedom to be creative, to come up with ideas and then to actually execute them….(and they) value that the staff have their own personal lives, they have families, they have hobbies that they want to pursue and there’s flexibility to do that.”

Eva Murray

“It has been a crazy hell of a journey. We have big customers, lots of business, …several offices across the globe, and it still feels like a small startup.”

Mathias Golombek

“What is special at working Exasol is that you are working in really small teams and you really see the effect of your work, you get feedback directly from the customer.”

Dr. Georg Dotzler

“In the kitchen area we have a picture there that has so many flags – that gives a pretty good idea of what kind of diversity we have in Exasol.”

Rajeev Tiwari

“The work-life balance at Exasol is simply brilliant. For example we have yoga courses here, we have a running group – we go for running every week – and i can work from home.. but i rarely use this because i really like to come here and work with the people.”

Mathias Brink

“One great thing about Exasol is that the individual really makes a difference, you have a very huge impact.”

Dr. Stefan Mandl

“You don’t have many companies that build these systems world-wide – so this is very interesting and attractive place.”

Sebastian Nehls

“The most interesting part right from the start was the technology we worked with. Then and now we make sure we exploit all its possibilities to the max.”

Alexander Gun

Great technology backed by passionate people

We don’t want to get all mushy here but our technology is nothing without the collective innovation, passion and hard work of every single person in our clan. Yes, we said clan. Anyway, take a look at what makes us unique – and find out how our core values of respect, openess and honesty set us apart from other tech companies.

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