Brochure: Scalable High Performance for MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy has become a pillar for enterprises looking to integrate BI into their organizations.

User requirements have, however, have become increasingly intricate and businesses have integrated Exasol to complement their MicroStrategy operations.

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Exasol and MicroStrategy excel together

Maximize your performance at a minimal total cost of ownership.

Increased Flexibility

Turn your standard database into a tuning-free, enterprise analytic data warehouse that works on premise and on selected cloud platforms.

Easily migrate and centralize

With more connected sources on Virtual Schema, Exasol can act as a central data hub for your sources and tools.

MicroStrategy and Exasol Integration: Summary

Exasol and MicroStrategy both have a vision of the future of big data: one where businesses can accelerate their analytics process, deliver prompt yet accurate and useful results, and offer a flexible deployment model on multiple platforms. Through this, both companies aim to enable businesses to make the most of their data and transform the way they operate daily.

Scalable High Performance for MicroStrategy


The Best of Both Worlds

Save time, deliver results as well as benefit from flexible deployment models.


Seamless Integration

Install Exasol within minutes and gain instantaneous performance-improving results on large volumes of data and complex queries.


Get Your Operations Up and Running

Exasol enhances your operative analytics with near real-time reporting and immediate outcomes.