myThings Success Story

03 Oct 2017 | Share

Success Story myThings

Exasol handles 15x data growth in real-time ad campaigns for myThings

Consumers visit websites for different reasons looking for different products and services. But around 96% of them leave without actually buying or booking anything.

To rekindle the interest of these anonymous users, marketers use dynamic banners with customized product recommendations that are advertised on other sites.

This is the principle that myThings, a programmatic ad solutions provider for large eCommerce brands, calls “dynamic personalized retargeting”.

Takeaways from this Case Study

The Challenge

Support analyzing data from larger numbers of users in the future

Solution that would be suited to the company’s current and future requirements, even during rapid growth

Tremendous data growth that pushed the previous solution to the limit

The Solution

The key feature was maximum scalability – an offering that, in the long term, would be able to keep up with the rapid growth of consumer data

Ability to save long-term historical data for extended periods of time

Unrivalled performance paired with fantastic service

Proven Benefit

By identifiying relevant data quickly, the company improves its competitiveness and the performance it delivers

Ability to apply complex data science methodologies

Increasing the quality and relevance of advertising generated in real time

Basket analysis, performance monitoring and reporting are available in real time