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The Move from BI to Business Analytics

This study, conducted for Exasol by research firm Vanson Bourne, looked at how and why organisations across two major European markets are transforming from business intelligence to data analytics in order to make better use of their data, power modernisation efforts and service organisational demand.

It surveyed a mix of IT and business decision makers in order to fully understand the variances in perception and actions between these two pivotal, but often differently motivated, decision-maker groups.

“75% of enterprises are migrating from BI to broader data analytics.”

Across both the UK and Germany, organisations are actively adjusting their data strategy to be more analytics focused rather than maintaining their traditional BI systems and processes. Across a variety of verticals, there is a wide range of competitive challenges that mean companies need to be smarter, more agile and – most importantly – proactive in their decision-making and operating strategies.

Whether the business challenge is combating falling high street footfall, or ensuring that production lines are producing the right products in order to take advantage of seasonal demand, effective data analytics is key.

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