Grant Street Group Success Story

02 Oct 2019 | Share

Grant Street Group Case Study

Exasol and Grant Street Group, a partnership that delivers real results

Exasol is the warehouse database vendor of choice for Grant Street Group, a software firm that specializes in cloud-based government solutions for tax collection, e-payments, and auctions.

Working with Exasol has enabled Grant Street to achieve faster back-end reporting, supporting roughly 5,000 different daily reports. The 12-fold speed increase also means that large reports that once took hours to run are now executed with ease, within minutes and even seconds.

Download our case study to learn how Grant Street improved reporting response times by a factor of 12 using Exasol.

Takeaways from this success story

The Challenge

Grant Street’s government clients depend on real-time reporting to gather insights while utilizing its applications.

Given the enormous volume of data Grant Street analyzes and the number of reports the company generates, engineers recognized several years ago that they’d need to find the best analytics database on the market to avoid eventually approaching a performance ceiling.

They needed to replace the back-end solution with an alternative that was faster and could easily be integrated with its existing framework.

The Solution

The Data Analytics team within Grant Street connects Exasol to two of its core products.

Exasol also serves as the back-end database for Grant Street’s data analytics and visualization tools – supporting both client-facing and internal analytics at Grant Street.

Engineers can easily check the performance of Exasol’s database, which meets the Transaction Processing Council Ad-Hoc (TPC-H) benchmarks, and has exceeded Grant Street’s expectations.

Exasol’s Community Edition, a one-node image of the Exasol In-Memory Database, impressed Grant Street engineers by working faster, even on a laptop, than previous solutions.


Proven Benefit

Adopting Exasol as its database warehouse has allowed Grant Street to continue delivering the highest-quality software and service to its government clients.

Ease of integration with Grant Street’s existing in-house tool, which also uses standard SQL.

Faster back-end reporting, supporting a number of different reports. The delivery speed of roughly 5,000 daily reports hitting the warehouse has improved 12-fold for Grant Street.

Most impressively, the larger the report, the faster it’s now being delivered.

Grant Street has about 4TB of data in its production cluster with around 8GB added daily – but now it only has an average 30-second lag behind the operational database.