econda Success Story

03 Oct 2017 | Share

Using analytics at the granular level to improve the online shopping experience and create long-term customers

When it comes to managing websites long-term and improving their effectiveness, web analytics are an absolute must for any modern business.

Using web analytic tools, you can capture, evaluate and calculate visitor behavior and set important KPIs accordingly.

These performance indicators help to define relevant measures and actions that a website owner can carry out in order to fuel website visitor growth and meet other objectives. econda is one of the leading providers of web analytics and personalization solutions in Europe.

Takeaways from this Case Study

The Challenge

Fast raw data analysis with complete flexibility

Systems scalability

Low administrative effort

The Solution

The tendency for processing data increases with the availability of 13 terabytes or more of raw data each month

Speed and maximum flexibility analyses

Systems scalability, low administrative effort and extensive support

Proven Benefits

Recording the movement of customers to the website

Comprehensive research about customers

Minute-by-minute precision of monitoring online services

High-end tracking technology with a wide range of functions, intuitive configuration and ease of activation