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From CDO to CEO

why your data expertise could make you a future business leader

Data is any organization’s most valuable asset. This is supported by more than three-quarters of IT directors across the U.K., US and Germany.

But how does this awareness translate into business value? Who turns it into business value?

The CDO and their team hold the answers.

This ebook will show you:

  • Why every organisation needs a CDO
  • Why there is a current lack of them
  • The path to becoming a CDO
  • Why CDOs and data professionals are equipped to become tomorrow’s CEOs

This is not just guesswork. Our insights come directly from those who are walking the walk in business, backed up by industry research. We’ve spoken with:

  • Peter Jackson who is the Director Group Data Sciences at insurance firm Legal & General
  • Mark Dexter who is the CEO of data recruitment experts KDR
  • Caroline Carruthers who is a data champion and leading author in the CDO field.

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