Webinar: BI in a Box


BI in a Box – what do we mean?

A complete solution that

  • imports (ingests) data from CSV and SQL data sources
  • stores the data in the fastest analytics database (Exasol)
  • automatically builds a Data Vault Structure (ELT)
  • created dimensional views or flat tables for data science and reporting tools
  • uses a Visualisation or reporting tool, such as Tableau, to create and disseminate information within your organization

BI in a Box is just that – one complete solution for analytics that avoids long development times and SQL experts. It allows the Line of Business, Data Scientists, and IT departments to set up an easy to use Managed Self Service solution that supports agile development and rapid prototyping.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

11:00am – 12:00pm CET

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Our Webinar series will take your through all the steps required for working wit BI in a Box. It starts with an overview of what BI in a Box is and how it can be used. The next episode is how to use the data ingestion component – the areto Data Chef – and how it automatically creates a Data Vault structure. This is followed by an overview of the Exasol database and why it is superbly suited for storage and analysis – with a look at two unique functions User Defined Functions and EXALoader to import data and perform in-Database Analytics. The final episode explores analytics using Tableau as an example, to leverage the benefits of simplicity.

Please note that the webinar will take place in German.