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Simply secure digital payment solutions

Turkey’s fastest growing fintech company iyzico supplies a secure payment system to online businesses of any shape and size. Iyzico provides secure payment solutions to over 35,000 online companies as well as secure shopping experience for more than 600,000 consumers with its iyzico Buyer Protection service. Iyzico’s solutions are powered by analyzing huge data volumes, delivered in near real-time. We provide the high-performing database that seamlessly integrates with powerful data analysis tools.


Continually rising customer numbers and transactions data was stretching the Community edition.


Exasol’s Enterprise Cluster Edition was chosen from a shortlist of vendors thanks to its performance and easy installation.


Fast analysis of large data sets and scalable data volumes.

İlkay Düzgün

Our business moves fast and relies on data, transactions and their analysis. There’s no time to deal with technical unpredictability or complicated tools – we need a reliable, high-performing and secure solution. The collaboration with Exasol and Kara Danişmanlik was extremely professional and very pleasant. We’re more than happy with the outcome.

İlkay Düzgün CFO of iyzico

online companies as customers


consumers benefit from a secure shopping experience






Turkey’s fastest growing fintech – iyzico

Fintech is one of the most innovative and continuously growing industries. Customers rely on the modern IT technology and future-proofed financial services to benefit from the digital economy – far outstripping the offers of traditional banks.

iyzico was founded in 2013 by Barbaros Özbugutu und Tahsin Isin, two Germans with Turkish roots. Serving global and local merchants the fintech company is especially well known in Turkey as well as in the region. “We wanted to create a simple online payment solution for small and medium-sized businesses to allow them to accept payments online”, says İlkay Düzgün CFO of iyzico. She continued by saying “If you want to sell anything online iyzico offers you the fastest and easiest way to start accepting payments. Depending on your business model- if you want to get paid on your e-commerce site, use our link, marketplace, or subscription solution- iyzico’s technology allows you to maximize conversion rates, minimize fraud and accept payments in local currency.”

Case study background details

iyzico started out to digitalize SMEs in Turkey and today, large and global players such as Amazon, Nike, H&M and Zara rely on its technology. Based in Istanbul, iyzico employs more than 160 people. “E-commerce market in Turkey is still expanding and Turkish consumers prefer shopping online every day. Businesses and their clients are very interested in straightforward, seamless processes and payment options. And our expertise in local payment methods makes us a valuable partner for our merchants”, explains Düzgün. iyzico has recently been acquired by PayU for 165 million dollars.

  • Industry Financial Services
  • Application BI Acceleration
  • Database Exasol
  • BI Tool Tableau
Case study background details

The journey

You can use our analytics database with our private cloud, any public cloud, on premises – or as part of a hybrid deployment.

The challenge

Fintech services rely on data analytics

Large data volumes drive iyzico’s digital services, especially the payments processed by their quickly growing customer base. iyzico’s customers also benefit from specialized protection against payment fraud, which includes hundreds of security filters and extensive blacklists. AI powered fraud detection algorithms help to identify suspicious transactions before they take place.

These predictions have to return an answer in 50 ms– the only way to provide security in day-to-day processes without decreasing conversion rates. “Customer experience is at the core of our business. Online payments should be as simple and secure as possible with our digital onboarding, easy integration and anti-fraud system”, stresses Düzgün.

Rising data volumes

iyzico faced a new challenge for their services with continually rising customer numbers and transactions data. Our Loading...Loading...in-memory database provided the data storage but the community version ended up more and more stretched. “We were very happy as Exasol’s stable data platform delivered the Tableau integration too”, remembers Düzgün. “But we didn’t want to just switch to an advanced Exasol solution without having done some research first and to critically review our original decision to go with Exasol.”

The solution

iyzico’s IT experts had a clear vision of what the new solution should deliver.In particular, it should be able to cope with continuous growth in data volumes – now and in the future.

The new analytics platform needs to be fast, reliable and able to supply data to over 300 daily reports and more than 100 dashboards. Seamless integration and intuitive administration – not just technically but also for users – are the other requirements.

“Our data team is small and relies on the fast delivery of results. We simply don’t have the time or resources to deal with technical queries or complicated tools”, says Düzgün.

The financial investment was another consideration as providers who price their offer according to data volumes processed quickly become too expensive.

A fast data analytics platform and a competent partner

Three providers were shortlisted – Loading...Hadoop, Oracle and Exasol. Our Enterprise Cluster Edition won in the end. “Exasol’s performance and easy installation convinced us”, smiles Düzgün. “Loading...Hadoop took considerably longer to deliver extensive analyses as their system is based on batch processing. Oracle offered great process integration but didn’t match our expected cost-performance ratio. And it was an advantage that we already use Exasol. Our platform’s high performance relies on Loading...in-memory technology using the main storage as an amplifying cache.”

The benefits for iyzico

  • Stable online analytical processing (OLAP) data platform
  • High-end performance through Loading...in-memory technology
  • Fast analysis of large data sets
  • Scalable data volumes
  • Quick and easy installation with intuitive administration
  • Cluster management
  • Tableau integration
  • Our most crucial expectation from the analytics platform is short query running time. As we mentioned, (above) the Loading...in-memory technology provided by Exasol meets our high expectations. Powerful data virtualization frameworks and the seamless integration with tools such as Tableau make our platform a stable foundation for any data-driven business.

    The Turkish IT provider and our long-term partner Kara Danişmanlik supported iyzico locally. They’re also the only Tableau silver-status partner in the region.

    Kara Danişmanlik’s experienced consultants are always client-focused. They regularly and successfully deliver business intelligence (BI), Loading...Big Data and data warehousing solutions projects.

    “Kara Danişmanlik’s experts supported us with their incredible knowhow. Every question was promptly answered, every query was taken seriously and quickly resolved”, notes Düzgün.

    “We had a fully functioning, future-proofed solution within a month”, reflects Düzgün. “Our business moves fast and relies on data, transactions and their analysis. There’s no time to deal with technical unpredictability or complicated tools – we need a reliable, high-performing and secure solution. The collaboration with Exasol and Kara Danişmanlik was extremely professional and very pleasant. We’re more than happy with the outcome.”

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