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With more than 55 years of experience, CCV is one of the leading suppliers of payment solutions in Europe. In order to ensure rapid and secure payments at every point of interaction, and the optimal provision of omni-channel solutions for CCV’s customers, the payment solutions specialist has chosen to rely on Exasol’s analytic database.


Most of the data was stored in different data silos and was very time-consuming to process.


Exasol is used mainly to analyze product development, product quality and process quality.


Exasol accelerates software development cycles. CCV can run through different scenarios much more dynamically and with more agility than ever before.

It’s refreshing to work with Exasol, it’s an Loading...analytic database that we can rely on wholeheartedly – it just works!

Cees van Leuveren / Business Intelligence Specialist and Rob Reijmers / Data Warehouse Specialist at CCV


As a family business with roots in the Netherlands and as a partner in the branch retail sector, CCV specializes in the processing and authorization of financial and loyalty card transactions, as well as the development and management of loyalty and customer card systems.

  • Industry Financial Services
  • Application BI Acceleration, Loading...Data Science
  • Database Exasol
  • BI Tool Qlik
  • ETL Tool Talend
Case study background details

The journey

You can use our analytics database with our private cloud, any public cloud, on premises – or as part of a hybrid deployment.

The challenge

Cees van Leuveren, business intelligence specialist at CCV, takes up the story: “Now, life is much easier with Exasol.”

However, this was not always the case. Payment and software solutions lie at the heart of the business. For the development of their products, CCV must know exactly whether all processes run smoothly and whether they are being developed in the right manner. In order to achieve this, various questions must be answered. For example: Are internal processes running correctly? Are all payments running smoothly through CCV’s systems? Are the customers satisfied? Is the CCV team offering good customer support?

Ultimately, the answers to these questions serve to improve product quality, customer perception and customer service. The market leader used to process all this inbound data from payment terminals in the Netherlands in different ways. Most of the data was stored in different data silos, predominantly in a MS SQL, DB2 or MySQL database. It was very time-consuming to process and bring together all this data sensibly; data often had to be merged before it could be analyzed. Analytic queries were almost impossible; they took too long to run and were too cumbersome. Furthermore, data volumes were steadily increasing in terms of size and complexity, as there were a lot of different data types coming in from terminals and machines. Therefore, the solution the company was using eventually hit a wall. Although it would have been possible to remedy the situation by purchasing extra licenses and capacity, it would not have been a real viable financial alternative in the long term.

The solution

Convinced by the proof-of-concept: speed and first-class support

In 2013, a proof-of-concept (POC) was carried out at CCV within the framework of a test license. Cees van Leuveren, Business Intelligence Specialist at CCV comments on this: “We loaded the test system with the large data sets we had trouble querying before with our old systems and wanted to see how Exasol would query the data. Exasol was fast! It just worked, first time!” Van Leuveren was also enthusiastic about the product’s scalability and Exasol’s technical support. “It was a pretty straightforward process; Exasol’s technical support has been great, very responsive and always on-hand to offer great advice, tips and tricks.”

The benefits for CCV

Coordination of infrastructure and usage

Today, Exasol is used mainly to analyze product development, product quality and process quality. CCV also runs specially tailored ERP calculations and uses different data models as part of the process. Amongst others, it also uses a logical data model which contains lots of table joins.

According to Leuveren, these can be calculated by Exasol on the fly. “Exasol is fantastic for this,” says van Leuveren. “Other proprietary databases would have a lot more difficulty.” In order to extract data sets and load them into the Exasol database, CCV uses ETL tools from Talend, while Qlik and Excel are used as a BI front end. If the company wants to run deep-dive statistical analytic queries, with Exasol, CCV can run them using ‘R’ on the database, which means that Exasol guarantees a high degree of flexibility in its usage. However, it is not only here that the CCV team is supported well. The possibility for additional tools was also a bonus. For example the integration of user-defined functions (Loading...UDFs) – which then offer CCV completely new possibilities for analysis.

Van Leuveren sums up: “For us at CCV, agile development is essential, so having a database that supports that is incredibly important. We can sit down together with customers, change a process or product feature, analyze its benefits immediately and see if the customer likes it or not. Therefore, Exasol really does accelerate software development cycles at CCV; we can run through different scenarios much more dynamically and with more agility than ever before.”

Exasol has proven that it significantly advances product development at CCV. CCV’s decisions are based on data, facts and analysis and, because of this, the database brings a clear added value to the business.

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