A new breed of Xperts

21 May 2019 | Share

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Zen masters, gurus, aficionados, nerds…

There’s already a wide range of expertise in the IT world, so why add yet another title? Why do we call some of our customers ‘Xperts’? What makes some people stand out, makes them subject matter Xperts?

Well, the last one is easy to answer – dedication, passion and expertise.

The first true Xperts

I was honored to meet the first group of true Xperts when I joined Exasol a few years ago. This was the team developing the software, running proof of concepts (PoCs), marketing, selling, and looking after everything that happened behind the scenes. I couldn’t believe how such a small group could move such an amazing piece of tech.

Fast forward to 2019. Exasol has grown substantially, with customers around the globe. However, one thing remains unchanged – our passion for our product.

We then looked more closely and found a common denominator among our customers. Many of them chose Exasol, while they were a pioneer in their industry, country or even continent. They gave us the chance to prove what we preached, and to help them achieve their goals.

Standing out from the crowd

But some customers still stand out from the crowd. There’s always a small group that is more into the software, who help to move it forward, and keep us on our toes for new developments in the market.

They’ve now been given a name: they’re the Xperts. Nominated, named and chosen for one year, six individuals represent everything we value about our customers.

So, we’re proud to introduce the first set of Xperts to you.

  • Tobias Braunschober
  • Karl Griesser
  • Mark Jackson
  • Vitaly Markov
  • Graham Sharpe
  • Malte Wellbrock

Learn more about each of the Xperts on our webpage, or meet them in person at Xperience 2019.

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