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Get started with analytics today – at a price that’s right

23 Jun 2015 | Share

Turn valuable insights into profits at a price that’s right.

Today we announced that Exasol has become the first MPP analytic database available in Microsoft Azure.

This is great news to companies of all shapes and sizes who are looking to get started with analytics but at a price that works. Gone are the days when you had to spend a fortune up-front to acquire hardware, systems and licenses; now, thanks to Exasol on Microsoft Azure, you can focus on analytics and deriving value from data – not on infrastructure issues.

You can now combine Exasol’s performance-beating in-memory analytic database with the robustness and scalability of an industry-leading cloud infrastructure powered by Microsoft. And more importantly: you can get started with analytics within just a few minutes in order to accelerate BI and reporting projects, all at a price that matches with your budgets.

Hosted in the Azure cloud, you now have access to a production-ready, highly secure and scalable way to analyze data at breakneck speeds, and turn valuable insights into profits at a price that’s right.

Offering tailor-made and flexible analytic solutions in the cloud has not always been possible due to the lack of compute power to run high performing SQL analytical databases. We believe that Microsoft Azure bridges this gap by providing the capability to run Exasol’s in-memory database in the cloud. As many of you will know, Azure is an industry-leading infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering that helps companies dramatically reduce the time needed to get on board with data analytics projects.

So, if you’re interested in running analytic projects or just want to up your game with regards to BI and reporting, then take a look at Exasol on Microsoft Azure. Get started fast at

But don’t forget – if you are looking for other cloud-based solutions for analytics, there are other alternatives, including our own EXACloud offering as well.