The Data Xpresso Podcast

Are you a data professional and want to build your career around data, analytics and technology? Then this is the podcast for you. Eva Murray and Helena Schwenk, our Technology Evangelists, are here to bring you fresh insights and stories from the world of data, every Tuesday.

Latest Podcasts

EP. 007 – Data Literacy and Leadership

How important is it to be data literate? How can you measure it? Does it even matter? And what responsibilities do leaders have for the data literacy of their staff as well as their own? We discuss all of these topics and share our practical tips for improving data literacy in this episode.

27 Oct 2020

EP. 006 – How data can help us rebuild our ecosystem

20 Oct 2020

EP. 005 – Leading Data and Analytics Projects

13 Oct 2020

EP. 004 – How data leadership can transform the non-profit sector

06 Oct 2020

EP. 003 – The skills required for decision-making at pace

29 Sept 2020

EP. 002 – The Yin and Yang of Data-Driven Leadership

22 Sept 2020

EP. 001 – Lessons from the most effective leaders in 2020

15 Sept 2020