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Bringing data together to enable advanced marketing analytics

In today’s age of Loading...big data volumes where mobile devices are becoming smarter by being connected to the Internet, an entirely new type of company has developed: the data-driven business. Here, the core activities of such companies center on the analysis of data to derive value. On behalf of their customers, they evaluate, for example, data generated by marketing automation tools, as well as CRM or clickstream data. In this context, the sheer diversity of data, data sources and queries constitute the greatest challenge facing cross-tool analyses. To respond to this challenge, marketing analytics expert Webtrekk, offers a solution that allows its customers to deliver comprehensive marketing automation, which is made possible by accessing large data volumes.


The team could not deliver enough detailed analysis from aggregated data and also needed a unified database system


A data warehouse where Webtrekk’s customers can upload their data from diverse systems


A scalable, low maintenance analytical database system that will spearhead the growth of both Webtrekk and its customers

With Exasol, we have found a powerful system that not only offers incredible speed, but also offers high levels of scalability, is easy to maintain and is backed up by fantastic support.

Norman Wahnschaff CTO at Webtrekk


More than 400 customers, among them the REWE Group, BILD.de or the German football club Bayer Leverkusen, rely on marketing automation tools and analysis provided by the Berlin-based Webtrekk marketing analytics firm. All of them are well-known companies that rely on innovative solutions for granular Loading...real-time analytics.

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Case study background details

The journey

You can use our analytics database with our private cloud, any public cloud, on premises – or as part of a hybrid deployment.

The challenge

When it came to choosing the appropriate analytical database, Webtrekk focused mainly on performance. Customers could no longer work solely on the basis of their aggregated data. Because data in certain marketing tools could be changed retrospectively, e.g. in the event of goods returned or as a consequence of a signed contract, working with raw data in diverse data formats became an absolute must when running specific analytic jobs. “In many respects, raw data is the key for us to be able to produce highly detailed analyses. Here, the integration of the database from Exasol has saved us time and money in many areas,“ Wahnschaff adds.

Data-driven success in marketing and sales

In determining the company‘s future course, Webtrekk was also faced with a challenge of a totally different kind: to get to the desired level of marketing analytics, Loading...web analytics and marketing automation tools need to draw on a unified database system – a cross-tool data repository. Without having to rely on time-consuming ETL processes, a host of diverse data generated by CRM and retargeting tools, as well as from call center systems must be analyzed together at the same time.

The solution

Webtrekk can only meet customers’ expectations if it has access to a mature, fully-fledged analytical database. “Our customers not only demand marketing automation and analytics to be delivered as a software-as-a-service solution, but also a data warehouse where they can upload their data from diverse systems,” explains, Norman Wahnschaff, CTO at Webtrekk. “With Exasol, we have found a powerful system that not only offers incredible speed, but also offers high levels of scalability, is easy to maintain and is backed up by fantastic support.”

The benefits for Webtrekk

”Data that is full of useful information is no longer held captive in isolated data silos. Merging such meaningful data together affords a whole new perspective on analytics for marketing and sales,“ comments Wahnschaff. It is also here where Exasol excels thanks to its amazing range of services and high scalability. Even temporary traffic peaks requiring enormous volumes of data to be analyzed within the shortest span of time do not have an adverse effect on the evaluation length of the time it takes queries to run. For Webtrekk customers, the advantages are clear: ad hoc reports and real-time analyses on all marketing automation and Loading...web analytics tools can be run at any time.

Exasol accelerates company growth

Every month, customers analyze raw data in the three-digit terabyte range using Webtrekk marketing analytics tools. And in the years to come, the data volumes that will be handled by Webtrekk will continue to multiply because of the increasing focus on analytics in corporate marketing and sales departments. For this reason, Wahnschaff is delighted that Webtrekk has a future-proof database solution in place to meet the demands of this growth: “Given the fact that Exasol is easy to maintain and offers excellent scalability, we have found an analytical database system that will spearhead not only our growth, but also that of our customers.”

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