Business Intelligence acceleration underpins 50% annual business growth

Case Study

Through leveraging decades of retail experience and best practices, Nuqleous – a retail analytics Software as a Service (SaaS) company – offers technology solutions that help retail and consumer product companies streamline their business practices so they can operate with enhanced agility and increased efficiency.

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The Facts

On Premises

The Gist

The challenge

By providing in-depth analytics to a growing number of users put enormous strain on the company’s SQL-based data warehouse.

The solution

The ability to scale without compromising performance is key to sustaining the company’s growth rate.

"Exasol has been integral to getting our real-time query rate down to the level we needed to support our interface. While we still have many complex queries, now we have the confidence to execute them effectively and provide an answer without having to throw more resources at it."

Paul Springmann, Founder and President at Nuqleous


Benefits for Nuqleous

More accurately query any set of data without impacting performance

Flexibility of Exasol allows Nuqleous to adjust and simplify its data models

Dedicate more resources to building its applications, retooling its data model and improving the interface

Monthly pricing structure allows Nuqleous to accurately control costs and see exactly how the company can continue to scale

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