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Intelligent store energy management and production automation: How edison street GmbH profits from Exasol’s IoT capabilities

edison street GmbH is a business that enables organizations in the food service and retail industries to harness the Internet of Things to achieve substantial energy savings at their premises. The cornerstone of edison’s approach is an electricity distribution model that uses an intelligent energy management system. To analyze large amounts of data that this model creates as fast as possible, edison street relies on Exasol’s high-performance Loading...analytic database.


Existing MySQL database wasn’t delivering the required amount of performance, faced with increasing data volumes


Exasol installed to process Loading...big data, but also integrate with robotics and be compatible with machine-learning techniques


Retailers use the data and insights to manage energy consumption so efficiently that savings can be made in the double-digit percentage range

Exasol provides a high level of stability, flexibility and is future-proof. As a result, we are perfectly equipped to respond to the fast-moving challenges in automatization and Loading...big data analytics.

Fabian Ulsenheimer and Patrick Stupka Project managers at Edison Street GmbH


Imagine a world where your keys let you know where they are when you’ve lost them, your refrigerator automatically orders food when it’s empty, and your car books an appointment with your local garage when it recognizes that something needs attention. What may have previously been regarded as science fiction is becoming part of everyday reality with the advent of the Loading...Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet is a great resource for humans to store and access information, but it is also becoming a useful platform for machines. All kinds of devices, switches and sensors connect to the Internet; independent devices allow organizations to gather vast amounts of granular data and fine-tune their business processes.

Case study background details

Working with a number of leading companies to help them to expand their reach, including McDonalds, Starbucks, Aldi, L‘Osteria, Hofer and Vapiano, edison street’s tailor-made data analytics concepts help organizations to reduce their energy consumption and operational costs. Not only does this help to save energy and protect the environment, it also helps free up employees to concentrate on more worthwhile tasks. However such an approach requires extensive knowledge in production infrastructure and specific knowhow in robotics, which parent company Mangelberger has in spades; Mangelberger uses robots on its assembly lines to deliver products, therefore subsidiary edison street naturally profits from the vast amount of knowledge in automation and robotics across the companies. Using stationary, mobile and portal robots, Mangelberger produces switch devices that help manage and automate energy consumption in stores efficiently, which in turn helps them to save substantial amounts of money.

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Case study background details

The journey

You can use our analytics database with our private cloud, any public cloud, on premises – or as part of a hybrid deployment.

The challenge

Processing Loading...big data

edison street customers collect massive amounts of data on premise. And the amount of data being collected on metrics such as heating, cooling, oil and water consumption keeps on growing and growing. Previously, edison street’s IT department had a typical infrastructure setup where their data warehouse stored and contained every single bit of energy consumption data. But the company’s fast growth in its dynamic business environment and the marked increase in data volumes meant that the company’s existing MySQL database wasn’t delivering the required amount of performance.

The solution

“We were searching for a solution on the market,” comments CEO Jürgen Mangelberger. “Our goal was to find a solution that was easy to use and fast to deploy. The solution had to be able to process Loading...big data, but also integrate with robotics and be compatible with machine-learning techniques.”

Machine-learning algorithms enable the company to find patterns in large amounts of data and uncover insights that further increase the degree of automation that is possible. A key factor for the success of machine-learning techniques is the ability to access, process and analyze large amounts of data, whether that comes from customers, logs or sensors.

Fast time-to-market and maximum flexibility The Industry 4.0 specialist tested Exasol’s analytics database over the course of a 10-week proof-of-concept project. Apart from demonstrating extremely fast performance when loading and analyzing data, the database impressed edison street with its fast time-to-market capabilities and its vast amount of features that mean that the solution can be used for a whole range of use cases.

The benefits for Mangelberger

“With Exasol, we can keep on improving our automated processes in a straightforward way,” says Dr. Stefan Hertel, project manager at edison street GmbH. Through a continuous flow of data sets, the company can bring together parts of its business including CAD/CAM, product automation, procurement and logistics (energy management systems/smart metering). This transparency and fluidity across the business has improved edison street’s after sales support. For instance, it has benefitted its semi-automated system design process, material delivery and manufacturing and as well as the lifecycle monitoring of components. Real-time data from devices in the cloud and in the field now support the automated planning of new installations.

“Right from the outset, we loved the great interaction with Exasol and their dedicated attention to us as a fellow medium-sized business,” the edison street team explains. “We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Exasol team.” Patrick Stupka adds: “We chose Exasol based on the database’s flexibility and scalability that in turn enables us to bring ideas to life that would have otherwise just stayed in our heads as thoughts.” Other compelling reasons for edison street included affordable implementation and minimal overhead costs when compared to alternative solutions. Well-known retailers and food restaurant chains use edison street’s innovative mix of Loading...big data, smart data and solutions in the areas of switch devices, energy management and database analytics. They use the data and insights gleaned to make certain decisions; lighting, lighting management, cooling and heating systems can be set and managed so efficiently that savings can be made that are in the double-digit percentage range.

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