Cooperation: High-performance in-memory database for predictive analytics

Forecasting software as SaaS (Software as a Service): The Loading...Big Data specialist Blue Yonder of Karlsruhe and EXASOL AG of Nuremberg, provider of a high-speed high-performance database, have agreed to cooperate with one another. The goal is to offer optimal performance in software for predictive analysis using the SaaS model.

Nuremberg/Karlsruhe – July 10, 2012 – In order to provide easy access to analysis applications, the forecasting specialist Blue Yonder will in the future offer its software based on the high-performance database EXASolution from EXASOL. Areas of application are forecasting and customer analysis for stationary retail trade; mail-order, online, and multi-channel dealers; as well as the financial services and insurance sectors. The solution can be provided as SaaS (Software as a Service) directly from the cloud or purchased. Blue Yonder and EXASOL have agreed to match the software and database closely to one another in the course of a strategic development partnership.

Database and forecasting software: complex analyses in real time

Blue Yonder Managing Director Uwe Weiss: “In order to optimize their inventories and be able to serve customers perfectly, companies must evaluate huge quantities of data in real time. In EXASOL we have found a partner whose technological possibilities are nearly limitless. Our Loading...predictive analytics software can exploit this basis completely, allowing you to achieve your potential.” Steffen Weissbarth, CEO of EXASOL AG, adds: “Our high-performance relational database plays up its strengths especially in the time-critical analysis of Loading...Big Data. In data-intensive industries such as retail or the financial services industry, it is especially important to evaluate this data. Blue Yonder offers us the opportunity to address this interesting market more intensively and consistently than ever before.”

About Blue Yonder

Thanks to its highly successful NeuroBayes® solution, Blue Yonder is a leading provider in the fields of forecasting and data pattern recognition or “Loading...predictive analytics” for short. With this solution, companies can use “Loading...Big Data,” the enormous quantities of data that are generated today, to gain valuable insights for their corporate management. Such insights help companies make their business processes profitable and prepare them for the future, and they transform the vast amounts of data accumulated into corporate capital. The origins of NeuroBayes can be traced back to experimental particle physical laboratories at research institutions such as CERN, where quantities of data in the petabyte range accumulate each second in the world’s largest particle accelerator. Companies use NeuroBayes to great effect for purchasing, marketing, material planning, sales, and production control. Well-known customers of Blue Yonder, which was established in 2008, include OTTO, dm, Vodafone, and Crate & Barrel. It has already won the well-regarded Data Mining Cup three times. And both the Cyberchampions Award 2011/12 and the Cyber One Award went to Karlsruhe in 2012. NeuroBayes is self-learning and it automatically detects changing basic conditions, so it can predict precise trends and developments in real time using cloud-based technology. This makes Blue Yonder’s Loading...Predictive Analytics Suite a unique system.


EXASOL AG, based in Nuremberg in Germany, develops a database management system that enables the rapid analysis and evaluation of data. By implementing the solution from EXASOL, business processes are optimized and secure foundations for decision-making are generated, which give companies a sustainable competitive edge. EXASolution is a relational database that was specifically developed for data warehouse applications and business intelligence solutions. The database is utilized by companies of all industry sectors for time-critical analyses, comprehensive data research, planning or reporting. The integration of geodata introduces an additional analysis dimension that allows for even more efficient analyses. The database can be integrated easily into existing IT infrastructures and requires a minimal amount of administrative maintenance, while ensuring low investment and operation costs (TCO). EXASolution is available under the name EXACloud as well as data warehousing as a service. This highly efficient data management solution allows EXASOL customers to benefit from complete data access at any time and a transparent price model. Companies such as XING, Sony Music Entertainment, Olympus, IMS Health, Semikron, intelliAd, Ratepay, Webtrekk and xplosion rely on EXASOL’s “made in Germany” technology. For further information, visit, follow us on twitter or join us on facebook.

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