The high-performance engine for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Deciding between ROLAP mode (relational online analytical processing) and MOLAP mode (multidimensional online analytical processing) when using OLAP with Microsoft‘s SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) has always been a choice between high performance and data validity.

  • The problem with MOLAP

    The problem with MOLAP

    In standard MOLAP mode, you pre-compute your multidimensional data cubes first, which allows you to query the pre-aggregated data with high performance. But this approach has clear disadvantages:

    • A lengthy pre-computation is often needed
    • You operate on potentially outdated information as your queries are being executed on the pre-computed data cube – not on the live data. That means that you have to sacrifice the validity of data in favor of performance.
  • The problem with ROLAP

    The problem with ROLAP

    If you use ROLAP mode on a standard relational database, you can overcome these disadvantages as you access the relational data directly. However, now you have to sacrifice fast query performance levels as you are no longer using pre-computation, like you do in MOLAP mode.

There is another way: EXASOL.

With EXASOL and the OLAP Connector for SSAS you can accelerate your OLAP-based BI solution without sacrificing data validity. In other words, your data is always up-to-date.

The perfect combination

The combination of SSAS in ROLAP mode, combined with EXASOL’s leading in-memory analytic technology, delivers groundbreaking performance without the need for pre-computations.

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