Supercharge your Oracle solutions with EXASOL

Many companies have made investments in big data and specific data-management infrastructures only to discover that there are ways to boost performance and gain a competitive edge above and beyond what their existing solution offers.

The EXASOL advantage

The world’s fastest in-memory analytic database, EXASOL, is exactly one of these kinds of complementary technologies. And EXASOL perfectly complements Oracle solutions to ensure that your Oracle environments benefit from EXASOL’s key advantages: in-memory database, unlimited scalability, performance and flexibility.

  • Massively parallel data processing
  • Columnar storage and compression
  • Comprehensive support for Hadoop
  • Easy integration
  • Software only, appliance or cloud

Maximize your Oracle instance while boosting your performance

Because EXASOL and Oracle play well together, a company’s acquired Oracle knowledge and experience remains as relevant as ever. Adding in the performance boost from EXASOL, Oracle users benefit from both existing Oracle know-how and the EXASOL performance advantages.

Complementary compatibility and support

EXASOL is easily integrated with existing heterogeneous database landscapes, including Oracle. In using the power of both solutions together, with EXASOL as an add-on accelerator, we’ve ensured complete compatibility between EXASOL and Oracle as well as native support for OCI (Oracle Call Interface), making integration as fast and seamless as possible with minimal overhead.

“The EXASOL database integrates seamlessly into an existing Oracle infrastructure. The syntax of SQL queries is almost 100% identical.”

– Paul Bischoff, Senior Consulting Sales Books, DWH & BO at publisher C.H.BECK oHG.

Data-driven in real time

With the EXASOL in-memory analytic database, organizations using Oracle environments can profit from maximum performance at minimal TCO (total cost of ownership). Ready to enable data-driven strategies faster than ever right down to the individual level?

Take a look at how EXASOL can boost your Oracle solutions