Transform your valuable data lake into a high-performance analytic environment

EXASOL is a highly scalable analytic database designed for unprecedented speed. Hadoop is the essential building block for big data analytics on semi-structured and unstructured data.

Why does it make sense to combine both worlds?

Simply put, you can turbocharge your valuable Hadoop data by combining the high-performance analytic database with your batch-oriented Hadoop data lake in order to make better business decisions faster.

Store your historical raw data in your Hadoop lake, and yet power your interactive business-critical applications with hot data in just seconds by using EXASOL. Additionally, you can still access all historical data stored in Hadoop – in an intelligent way – using EXASOL’s brand-new data virtualization feature.

EXASOL turns Hadoop into an analytic repository.

As the EXASOL in-memory analytic database is orders of magnitudes faster than any Hadoop-based database system, it will help you to make better decisions faster than ever before. What’s more, you can take advantage of the analytical opportunities provided by the seamless integration of structured and unstructured data. Pull in data from social media, call center activities or clickstreams and combine it with your data warehouse to create a valuable high-performance analytic environment.

The benefits of EXASOL and Hadoop:

  • Integrate Hadoop with EXASOL – this enables extremely fast linking of data warehouse with Hadoop data and native interlocking with SQL
  • Feature-rich analytic performance layer for low latency, interactive ad hoc data exploration
  • No manual administration, programming or tuning overhead – let the database do the work
  • Maximum performance through MPP, in-memory computing and scalability
  • Direct parallel transfer from and to Hadoop, with support for all HCatalog storage formats
  • Data visualization for Hadoop with intelligent query push-down
  • New functions that boost compatibility, productivity, and manageability, guaranteeing a high-performance data transfer between Hadoop and EXASOL
EXASOL has solved problems for us that were previously deemed too difficult. The investment has rapidly paid off and delivered value to our business. Our users get answers to their business queries in a fraction of the time it took previously.

Andy Done, Data Platform Lead at King

Do you need to get analytic value from Hadoop?

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