EAT: Complementary data processing, analytics and visualization tools

Paired with one another, EXASOL, Alteryx and Tableau solutions create a powerful package for processing, blending, augmenting and visualizing even bigger volumes of data than you can imagine.

EXASOL, Alteryx & Tableau: Powerful tools, even better together

As your data volumes grow, and data analytics becomes more central to your business, you will find that one analytics, blending or visualization tool isn’t going to deliver everything you need. Sometimes the right tool for the job is a combination of products that work seamlessly together to provide all the layers of processing, analysis and visualization that you need to make your data tell a compelling story.

Combining the power of EXASOL, Alteryx and Tableau, you get the ability to create a powerful package of the world’s fastest data processing and analysis with EXASOL, flexible, self-service data blending and preparation with Alteryx, and world-class visualizations with Tableau – all on even bigger volumes of data than you previously thought possible.

Data analytics opportunity: Right tools for the right job

The EAT stack

Whether you are already using one of two components of the EAT stack, or none of them at all, it’s easy to get started with the intuitive EXASOL, Alteryx & Tableau (EAT) data analytics stack. You’ll not only benefit from a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for getting fast insights from your big data, but you’ll also free up resources to focus more on your data and analytic jobs, rather than your infrastructure.

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In this e-book you will learn:

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  • why one solution alone may not address the data challenges your business is facing
  • about the EXASOL, Alteryx and Tableau (EAT) stack
  • how your organization can derive the most value out of the EAT stack
  • how you can determine whether your organization is ready to implement the EAT stack and its analytics platform
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