Turn your data into value – with EXASOL’s in-memory analytic database

Put your data warehouse to work with EXASOL

Chances are that you already have a data warehouse in your business in which you have invested time and resources. Yet, you cannot seem to get the answers you need to your business questions. With EXASOL sitting alongside your data warehouse, you can continue to use your system for day-to-day business and run your analytics in EXASOL’s fast, in-memory analytic database. Why not get the best of both worlds and complement your existing EDW with EXASOL?

Make the most of your data

Big data analytics made easy

Big data analytics demands a fast analytic database that runs with ease and precision. Use EXASOL to collate and analyze large data volumes in as near to real time as possible to get insights to drive your business forward. Use the database to dive into your data and do something with your data that you never thought feasible. If you want to bring new innovative business models to fruition fast, then you need EXASOL.

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Accelerate BI and leverage real-time analytics

Can’t run those reports fast enough to steer your business in a data-driven way? Struggling with slow-loading BI dashboards? Then you need EXASOL. EXASOL is the analytic engine you need to power your front-end tools to accelerate your reporting and visualizations like never before. No need to rip and replace your existing solution - simply continue to use your current database technology and complement it with EXASOL for that added layer of speed.

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Large-scale advanced in-database analytics and data science using R, Java, Python and others

Benefit from an architecture for big data science that allows you to perform advanced analytical tasks on large volumes of data in an interactive fashion – right in the database, using R, Java, Python, Lua - or your preferred analytic programming language. Run analytic functions and UDFs that fully leverage the database’s features, such as massively parallel processing (MPP), columnar storage, compression and in-memory so that they run faster than ever before.

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The plug-and-play turbo for Tableau

If you are using Tableau’s BI, reporting and visualization software but struggle with performance or the limitations of Tableau Data Extracts (TDE), then you need Tableau Turbo Enterprise by EXASOL. Powered by EXASOL’s in-memory, analytic database engine, Tableau Turbo Enterprise is the most powerful engine to bring your data to life – fast. It puts the power of real-time big data into the hands of every user.

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EXASOL as performance layer for your Hadoop data lake

EXASOL is the analytic layer that is missing from your Hadoop cluster. Store your raw data in your Hadoop lake, and power your interactive business-critical applications with hot data in just seconds by using EXASOL to make better decisions faster than ever before. Pull in data from social media, call-center activities or clickstreams and combine it with your data warehouse to create a valuable, high-performance analytic environment.

Hadoop analytics with EXASOL

Three complementary tools for data processing, wrangling, analysis and visualizations

As data becomes more central to your business, you will find that one analytics, blending or visualization tool isn’t going to deliver everything you need. Sometimes the right tool for the job is a combination of products that work seamlessly together to provide all the layers of processing, analysis and visualization that you need to make your data tell a compelling story. We call this the EAT stack (EXASOL + Alteryx + Tableau).

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Agile data vault modeling for fast results

Data vault modeling is designed to support enterprise data warehouses for the long-term historical storage of data that flows in from multiple operational systems. With EXASOL take advantage of the potential of data vault modeling to gain agility and flexibility.

Data vault modeling with EXASOL

The high-performance engine for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Deciding between ROLAP mode and MOLAP mode when using OLAP with Microsoft‘s SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) has always forced a choice between high performance and data validity. With EXASOL and the OLAP Connector for SSAS you can accelerate your OLAP-based BI solution without sacrificing data validity. In other words, your data is always up-to-date.

Accelerate your OLAP-based BI

Supercharge your Oracle solutions with EXASOL

Many companies have invested in big data and specific data-management infrastructures only to discover that they can boost performance and gain a competitive edge above and beyond what their existing solution offers. The world’s fastest in-memory analytic database, EXASOL, is exactly one of these complementary technologies. EXASOL helps ensure that your Oracle environments benefit from EXASOL’s key advantages: in-memory database, unlimited scalability, performance and flexibility.

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Calling all start-ups! We’re here to help you bring your best ideas to fruition

EXASOL’s start-up program is designed to help young, innovative companies in the area of big data and analytics. Get exclusive access to our database software, our developer tools, our cloud service as well as technical services and support so you can continue in your quest to build businesses that call for the analysis of large data volumes and complex queries – all at a price that you’ll like.

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Internet of Things (IoT) and streaming data analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon is expected to connect more than 30 billion devices by 2020 and therefore generate trillions of dollars in global economic benefit based on increased efficiency, new business models and new revenue streams. When it comes to analyzing such data flows, EXASOL has the technology to handle and analyze large-scale streaming data – now.

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