Discover EXASOL’s solutions by role

Whether you analyze data or make business decisions based on data analytics – the world’s fastest analytic database ensures that you can focus on what’s really important.

BI manager - EXASOL solutions by roles

BI / Data Architect

Unite and analyze data from various sources. And let the numbers do the talking.

As a BI manager, your job is no longer about running reports on what happened yesterday; now you need to understand and predict what will happen tomorrow. You need to access data faster than ever before, from all facets of the business, detect trends, spot outliers and make faster, more informed decisions.

How EXASOL helps you:

  • Gives you a real-time, full-picture analytic environment
  • Delivers a 360-degree view of your business from which you can predict future trends and needs with precision
  • Allows you to access data sets yourself without IT assistance or complicated scripting
  • Delivers high performance and speed even as data volumes grow
  • Integrates seamlessly with front-end reporting and visualization tools that you know and love, such as Birst, Microstrategy, Yellowfin or Tableau
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Head of IT

Arm your business with a future-proof analytic database that protects your investment.

You manage your business’s systems and data in the face of rapid technology change and the need to choose the right data analytic solutions. You balance business users' demands for real-time data against the need to scale up flexibly as data volumes grow. You are keen to adopt affordable solutions that adapt to changing conditions based on your IT environment and business needs.

How EXASOL helps you:

  • Frees up IT resources by putting the ability to manage data analytics and insights in the hands of business users
  • Delivers cost-effective scalability and flexibility; no need to “rip and replace” existing technologies
  • Lets you embrace open source, such as Hadoop, to store and process data with a fast, proven analytic database to extract data insights
  • Offers a deployment model that best suits your setup. You want on-prem? No problem. Or if you have embraced the cloud, benefit from EXASOL in proven architectures, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services
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Head of IT - EXASOL solutions by roles
CEO / CTO - EXASOL solutions by roles


Lead by putting data and analytics at the core of your business.

Your role is to ensure company success and deliver shareholder value. Part of creating sustained value is making fast - and correct - decisions based on real-time and predictive information, not assumptions. As business has become digital and data-driven, you are keenly aware of the value data can inject into your business strategy.

How EXASOL helps you:

  • Puts analytics and real-time information at the core of your business
  • Provides the entire picture of what’s going on, not just a subset of information or data sets
  • Empowers your employees by giving them the right tool for the right job, helping them to deliver operational excellence and unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction
  • Ensures that data-driven insights inform the development of products and services you deliver to the market
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Data Analyst

Satisfy your analytic curiosity and get faster results and deeper insights on entire data sets.

As a data analyst, you’re a SQL guru driven by an inquisitive nature. Your job is to ask questions and get answers, meaning that unfettered access to your data and the ability to run your analytic queries fast is critical. For you, poor database performance is an unacceptable bottleneck in delivering the analytics your company depends on for insights that help drive the bottom line.

How EXASOL helps you:

  • Performs at world-class speed and scale, giving you access to and control of massive data volumes and a future-proof solution as volumes grow
  • Complements other, existing data analytics tools, ensuring you can continue to work with and get more from your tools and investments
  • Connects easily with all of your data sources via a transparent integration framework, delivering a 360 picture across your business
  • Pulls in full, entire data volumes and delivers the whole truth
  • Lets you run advanced and predictive analytics to deliver actionable insights to the business fast
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Data Analyst - EXASOL solutions by roles
CMO / Marketing - EXASOL solutions by roles


Acquire and retain customers and drive customer satisfaction levels to new heights.

New customer acquisition is tough, but losing existing customers is tougher. The customer buying process has changed over the years: data and analytics are key to responding to prospects and clients more quickly and with what they want when they want it. You are driven by delivering right-place, right-time, personalized experiences - which are only possible with data-driven insight.

How EXASOL helps you:

  • Gives you a 360-degree view of your customers, their wants, requirements and demands
  • Delivers real-time data analytics from all the data to enable dynamic response to customer buying behavior and continually satisfy customers
  • Dispenses with "gut feel" – removes all the guesswork from predicting customer behavior with an analytic database that works the first time
  • Gets you to the nirvana of 1-on-1 personalized marketing
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