EXASOL. The in-memory analytic database that just works.

The world’s fastest in-memory analytic database was built from the ground up to offer the highest performance and scalability for in-memory analytics. Guaranteed.

It does one thing. And one thing extremely well.

EXASOL is a high-performance, in-memory, MPP database specifically designed for in-memory analytics. From business-critical data applications to advanced analytics, the database helps you to analyze large volumes of data in real-time, helping you to accelerate your BI and reporting, and to turn data into value.

EXASOL architecture

In-memory meets MPP. Compression meets columnar storage.

The analytic database achieves lightning-fast performance with linear scalability by combining in-memory technology, columnar compression and storage, and massively parallel processing. Not only is EXASOL the world’s fastest database according to TPC-H Benchmarks.

Its standard SQL interfaces also mean avoiding the trap of NoSQL skilling shortages and easy compatibility with pre-existing applications and data structures. EXASOL is ideally suited for real-time big data reporting, analysis, and advanced analytics.

Learn what makes the world’s fastest database so fast

Download our technical whitepaper and learn …

  • how massively parallel processing and the large-scale in-memory architecture make EXASOL’s database the world’s fastest database for analytics.
  • how “Self-Optimization”, “Profiling”, “Skyline” and other features provide an all-new user experience.
  • how the Hadoop integration and the “virtual schemas” data virtualization framework can turn EXASOL into a real-time data hub.
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Key features and benefits

  • In-memory technology
    Innovative in-memory algorithms enable large amounts of data to be processed in main memory for dramatically faster access times.
  • Column-based storage and compression
    Columnar storage and compression reduces the number of I/O operations and amount of data needed for processing in main memory and accelerates analytical performance.
  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)
    EXASOL was developed as a parallel system based on a shared-nothing architecture. Queries are distributed across all nodes in a cluster using optimized, parallel algorithms that process data locally in each node’s main memory.
  • High user concurrency
    Thousands of users can simultaneously access and analyze large amounts of data without compromising query performance.
  • Scalability
    Linear scalability lets you to extend your system and increase performance by adding additional nodes.
  • Tuning-free database
    Intelligent algorithms monitor usage and perform self-tuning tasks, which optimize performance and minimize any data administration overhead.
  • Faster access to more data sources
    Through a data virtualization framework called “virtual schemas” as well as a high-performance data integration framework, you can connect to and analyze data from more sources than ever before.
  • Comprehensive support for Hadoop
    Hadoop integration has never been so easy. EXASOL supports all native HDFS formats enabling you to perform high-speed analytics against structured and unstructured data faster and easier.
  • Advanced in-database analytics
    Alongside out-of-the-box support for R, Python, Java and Lua, EXASOL allows you to integrate the analytics programming language of your choice and use it for in-database analytics.
  • Unrivalled connectivity
    Easily connect to your existing SQL-based BI, reporting and data integration tools via ODBC, JDBC, .NET as well as a JSON-based web socket API.
  • Ultimate flexibility
    EXASOL fits in with your business model and can be deployed in a number of different ways. Choose the option the best meets your needs: software-only, appliance or in the cloud (EXACloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services).

Hadoop? In-database advanced analytics? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Hadoop integration has never been so easy. EXASOL supports all native HDFS formats enabling you to perform high-speed analytics faster and easier. What’s more, users can write user-defined functions (UDFs) to support in-database analytics. Alongside out-of-the-box support for R, Python, Java and Lua, EXASOL allows you to integrate the language of your choice and use it for in-database analytics.

Ultimately, we make it as easy as possible for you to plug EXASOL into your existing business intelligence, reporting, visualization and analytic applications. We provide all the major integration technologies and leave it to you to decide on the best way to put EXASOL to work.


Standard Editions

All editions include:

  • In-memory technology
  • Column-based storage and compression
  • Massively parallel processing (MPP)
  • High user concurrency
  • Linear scalability
  • Tuning-free database that self-optimizes
  • Industry-standard interfaces
  • Seamless integration into existing analytic environments
  • High-speed parallel loaders
  • Flexible deployment models

Advanced Editions

Advanced editions include additionally:

  • In-database UDF analytics (R, Java, Python, Lua, etc.)
  • Support for Hadoop-based environments
  • Next-generation preference analytics
  • Geospatial analytics
  • High availability support
  • Transparent ecosystem integration framework for any data source
  • Virtual schema and logical data warehouse framework

We make it easy. That’s our promise to you.

EXASOL is passionate about making it easy to benefit from high-performance analytic database technology with an easy migration path, an easy installation process and a solution that is future-proof.

We understand that you have invested money and time in other solutions, so we make it easy for you to complement existing technology with EXASOL and benefit from high-performance analytics and reporting at the right price for you.

Explore the technology of the world’s fastest database

This technical whitepaper discusses the technical underpinnings that enable the world’s fastest database’s top performance. Some highlights from the whitepaper:

  • Query compilation – optimization and statistics, replication and index creation, extensibility via SQL preprocessing
  • Query execution – parallel processing via pipelining, distributed processing, integrating user-defined code into the query engine
  • Data access – compression, incremental modification, block management, remote data
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Run EXASOL. For Free.

You want to get started with analytics fast. That's why we offer everyone the chance to use EXASOL for free. So what is stopping you? Go ahead and download the Free Small Business Edition and unleash the power of EXASOL in your business – today.

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