EXASOL partners with Kara Danismanlik to bring high performance data analytics to Turkey

Nuremberg, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey, 3 May 2016 - EXASOL, developer of the world’s fastest in memory analytic database, is now available to the Turkish market via KARA DANISMANLIK, a company that has been providing scalable business intelligence and data analytics solutions in Turkey for over twenty years. KARA DANISMANLIK has added EXASOL to its portfolio of products, complementing the company’s knowhow and expertise of Tableau’s data visualization suite of products, which the company has offered since 2012.

As one of the first data warehouse consultants in Turkey, Ertan Erisik, founder of KARA DANISMANLIK, said that the company is very excited to be introducing the world’s fastest analytic database into Turkey. “By using the right tools together with right strategies and by following a next-generation BI approach, you can achieve more scalable, more efficient and faster results at a much lower cost. As we bring the world’s fastest analytic database EXASOL to the Turkey market, we are excited to work with IT managers, CIOs, data architects and other decision-makers to move their analytic applications into a scalable, SQL-based environment, where analytic queries will run at the speed of light and where performance is delivered at a price-point that is much lower than any other analytic database technology.”

“With the help of EXASOL’s powerful and flexible architecture, analytic projects can be moved into a high-performance infrastructure quickly and easily,” commented Aaron Auld, CEO at EXASOL. “Unlike other in-memory databases and their proprietary structures, EXASOL is SQL-based and represents a real alternative for analytic applications that need high-performance. With its massively parallel processing (MPP) structure, minimal overhead, and its continued position at the top of the TPC-H performance tables, EXASOL is an affordable solution for companies that need to run high performance data analytics. We look forward to working with KARA DANISMANLIK to bring the benefits of our cost-effective in-memory database technology to companies across Turkey.”


Founded in 2008 by Ertan Erisik, KARA DANISMANLIK provides business intelligence solutions and big data consulting services in Turkey and other markets. The company prides itself on offering products and services that address customer needs in quicker, easier and more scalable ways, including Tableau for BI and data visualization and now EXASOL for high performance data analytics. For more information, visit www.karadanismanlik.com.tr


EXASOL is passionate about helping companies to run their businesses smarter and drive profit by analyzing data and information at unprecedented speeds. The company develops the world's fastest database for analytics and data warehousing and offers first-class know-how and expertise in data insight and analytics. The in-memory analytic database is the first database to combine in-memory, columnar compression and massively parallel processing, and is proven to be the world's FASTEST, topping the list in the TPC-H Benchmark tests for performance. Companies that depend on EXASOL to analyze their data in real-time include Adidas Group, GfK, IMS Health, King, Olympus, MyThings, Sony Music and Xing. Follow EXASOL on Twitter at @EXASOLAG.

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